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“CelebratingWe provide an unparalleled continuum of programs that assist families at every stage in the aging journey. Whether you are searching for a skilled caregiver to help you maintain your independence at home or you're in the market to find a suitable assisted living community for your loved one, we have solutions.

Our Care Team delivers out of the box thinking to address age-related challenges and meet clients' needs through the coordination of resources, advocacy and caregiver support. We're committed to providing quality services to reflect our client's individual needs, personal choices, and self-determination based on their lifestyle. Our model is to provide a combination of services and family support that is unparalleled in the industry.

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Always Best Care helps seniors and their families through the entire process. Our Care Coordinators are local and have in-depth knowledge of the services provided by our assisted living partners. Contact your local Always Best Care representative today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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1. Can you work with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement residences in Greater Milwaukee?

Yes. Wherever private senior care services are allowed, Always Best Care of Greater Milwaukee are standing by to help. In this way, we ensure that all residents of Greater Milwaukee receive exceptional senior care service, regardless of their home care environment. One of the most common ways we work with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement residences is aiding with transitions. Whether you’re loved one is moving in or out of an assisted living facility, nursing home, or retirement residence, it’s important that their care service remains undisrupted. Our senior care service guarantees seamless transitions between care environments, and keeps seniors compliant with discharge plans and doctor’s orders.

2. How do I change my in-home care plan, my schedule or my caregiver in Greater Milwaukee

Clients may request a change of in-home care plan, schedule, or caregiver for a variety of reasons. Care needs change; work schedules get switched; and personalities can clash. We take care planning and caregiver matchmaking seriously, but sometimes change is necessary. Whatever the reason, Always Best Care makes it easy to adjust your plan. Simply contact your local Always Best Care representative by calling (262) 439-8616 or filling out the easy contact form on our website. They’ll be happy to help you make whatever changes may be required to ensure your complete satisfaction. We believe in contract flexibility, 24/7 availability, and unlimited caregiver substitutions.

3. Can I pick the senior care services I want?

Absolutely! Because no two individuals’ care needs will ever be exactly alike, we design our services to be completely customizable. We work with you and your loved one during the care consultation to identify your unique care needs, preferences, and budget, then help you choose the best senior care plan for your situation. Whether your loved one needs general companionship, specific help with certain activities of daily living, or more intensive care solutions, our team in Greater Milwaukee guarantees all non-medical needs are met. We also understand that senior care needs change over time–or even overnight. That’s why we make scaling your senior care services up or down just as easy as getting started.

4. Does Always Best Care cover Medical Services or Prescription Costs for senior care in Greater Milwaukee

No. We provide professional senior care services that may include purchasing medical services or prescriptions for care recipients via client funds, but we do not cover the costs. However, we can direct you towards senior care financing and community resources in Greater Milwaukee. After years serving the local community, we have built an extensive professional network that we can draw from to help you find family care resources. A representative may also be able to assist you in determining your coverage eligibility. Get in touch with our team and find out how we can help you finance medical services or prescription costs.

5. What makes Always Best Care different from other senior care companies in Greater Milwaukee?

Our greatest distinction comes through our commitment to customer care. Since 1996, Always Best Care has been helping families make sure no care needs go unmet, and now we’re bringing that same level of dedication to families in Greater Milwaukee. Meeting that goal means doing whatever it takes to ensure all personal, social, and mental health needs are satisfied, which is only possible through personalized care plans. Moreover, it means providing attentive customer care from the first call to the final contact. Additionally, great customer care in this industry means hiring only the best. To that end, we’ve invested in a comprehensive vetting process that includes background and reference checks along with exacting interview screenings. All staff must then complete initial and ongoing training programs that meet our national standards.

6. Can you provide a caregiver for my relative in a hospital, nursing home or retirement home in Greater Milwaukee?

Yes. Some facilities restrict the provision of outside senior care services, but wherever private senior care is welcome, we’ll be there for you. In fact, one of our most popular services in Greater Milwaukee is transitional care, which involves caring for clients as they transition from one care environment (e.g. the hospital) to another (e.g. the home). This service ensures that your loved one never experiences care gaps, and gives them a familiar face for reassurance. Get in touch with a representative in Greater Milwaukee to arrange for a caregiver to visit your relative in a hospital, nursing home, or retirement home.

7. Is the cost for senior home care services in Greater Milwaukee covered by my health plan or government program?

The answer depends on your unique insurance policy, Medicare plan, or Medicaid eligibility. For instance, only certain Medicare plans will cover senior home care services. Part A, which is free for most people, helps cover hospitalization, care in a skilled nursing facility, hospice care, and some home health care. Part B covers outpatient services, lab tests, some surgeries, clinical trials, mental health care, and durable medical equipment and supplies. Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, allows individuals to enroll in Medicare health plans sold by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Part D helps cover prescription drug costs. In contrast, Medicaid is a health insurance program run by individual states and partially funded by the federal government. It is the insurance of last resort for low-income individuals, including seniors, most of whom have “spent down” most of their available assets. Medicaid will pay for most types of long-term health care, including nursing home care, skilled care services at home, and hospice care. Private health insurance plans vary. Some help pay for services not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, including home health care, assisted living, hospice care and nursing homes. Contact an Always Best Care specialist in Greater Milwaukee to learn more about our unique Veterans Assistance Program, determine your eligibility and policy details, or to arrange a free, no-obligation care consultation.

8. What qualifies me for Assisted Living in Greater Milwaukee?

The cost, eligibility requirements, and services offered by assisted living centers in Greater Milwaukee vary drastically from one facility to the next. For the most accurate information, please contact an Always Best Care representative in Greater Milwaukee to provide you with locally relevant details. All assisted living consultations are 100% free and there is never any obligation to use one of our referrals–we just want to help your loved one find the care they need in Greater Milwaukee.

9. Is there government assistance for Assisted Living in Greater Milwaukee?

The answer depends on a number of unique factors. Assisted living policies vary widely depending on your location. Moreover, your eligibility for assistance depends entirely on your policy. There are many different types of insurance and Medicare. Furthermore, certain individuals will be eligible for veteran’s assistance or Medicaid. For instance, if your loved one has “spent down” their assets, they may be eligible for Medicaid, which can assist with the costs of assisted living and other senior health services. Contact your Always Best Care representative in Greater Milwaukee for help determining your eligibility for government assistance and finding quality assisted living.

10. Does Always Best Care offer veterans benefits for in-home senior care in Greater Milwaukee?

Yes. The Always Best Care Veterans Assistance Program helps some of America's most deserving citizens remain in their homes longer while maintaining a healthy and safer lifestyle. Our team has established relationships with law firms, paralegals, and other Greater Milwaukee resources who can help guide veterans navigate complex legal channels to obtain their VA benefits. For more information about our Veterans Assistance Program, or for a no obligation free care consultation, call (262) 439-8616 or visit the Always Best Care Greater Milwaukee website.

11. Are your staff that deliver in-home care in Greater Milwaukee insured and bonded?

One of our priorities at Always Best Care is to ensure that we have the best and most highly qualified caregivers in the industry providing home care in Greater Milwaukee. One of the ways in which we do that is providing our caregivers worker's compensation and ensuring that they are insured and bonded. This means that no matter what happens, your senior will be getting the best care possible 24/7.

12. How are Always Best Care's staff that provide home care in Greater Milwaukee vetted?

The vetting process that our caregivers have to go through is one of the most intensive in the industry. That's because we truly care about the quality of our staff members and believe that is directly connected with the quality of care they can provide to your senior. The candidates who want to provide in-home care in Greater Milwaukee have to go through an intensive process of interviewing, background checks, and the checking of professional references. After this is done, we are always 100% sure that we have brought the most highly qualified candidates on board to help out with your senior and take care of them.

13. What hours do your staff provide elderly care in Greater Milwaukee?

Our staff members are available whenever you need them to be! This is one of the best parts of going with Always Best Care for elderly care in Greater Milwaukee - you will never have to worry about whether or not your senior can receive care.

14. Will my loved one have the same caregiver to provide them in-home care in Greater Milwaukee on every visit?

We think that the most important thing between a senior and their caregiver is the level of trust between them. And this trust is built over multiple visits with your caregiver when they go out to provide senior care in Greater Milwaukee. However, life happens and sometimes your senior's scheduled caregiver can't be there to take care of your loved one. This happens because the caregiver might have schedule time off or might come down with the flu one day. However, when this happens, you don't have to worry! Your senior is going to be taken care of, no matter what. Remember when we said that we have caregivers available pretty much all of the time? Well that's when this comes in handy! That means that whenever your senior's regularly scheduled caregiver can't make it because of sickness or time off, we will have someone available who can come and take their spot. Then after some time, your senior's caregiver will come back and will be able to resume care.

15. How will my loved one be matched with their caregiver that's responsible for providing their home care in Greater Milwaukee?

When it comes to the matching process for senior care in Greater Milwaukee, we know that this is also something that's super crucial for you. The match between a caregiver and their senior is going to determine the course of the relationship. Sure, this trust is going to have to be built over time, but that first match is going to make or break how easy that trust is to build. That's why we aim to make the match a perfect one from the beginning. We will take the preferences of your loved one, match those with the caregivers we have on staff, and find the perfect match from there!

16. How are your caregivers trained to provide senior care in Greater Milwaukee?

Training of our caregivers is one of the most important things to use when providing in-home care in Greater Milwaukee. Without the proper training, there is no way that we would let our caregivers provide care to your senior. Our caregivers have to go through intensive training classes on topics such as communication methods, safety procedures, and how to spot basic illnesses. With all of this knowledge on their side, there is nothing that our caregivers won't be able to handle when they are taking care of your loved one. We know that this is important for you - so it's important for us.

17. Why should I choose your home care in Greater Milwaukee instead of an independent provider?

This is a great question! And it's one that many family members ask when they are shopping around for independent providers of senior care in Greater Milwaukee. However, we can assure that even though independent providers offer lower costs and plenty of savings, this is too good to be true. The quality of care that your senior receives with Always Best Care is almost definitely going to be way more high quality than those independent providers of care. You will never go wrong with the caregivers that we have on staff at Always Best Care.

18. How quickly can my loved one expect to begin receiving in-home care in Greater Milwaukee?

As soon as one week after you place your initial call into your office, your senior can start receiving home care in Greater Milwaukee. Now, you may be thinking that this is a super short time-span, but this is because we have pretty much perfected the art of getting a strong match between your senior and the perfect caregiver. We want to ensure that your senior gets the care that he or she needs in the shortest amount of time possible.

19. What role do family members play in their loved one's elderly care in Greater Milwaukee once a caregiver has been hired?

Many family members wonder whether or not they will be forced out of their senior's lives whenever a caregiver is brought into the picture. However, this is definitely not the case when Always Best Care is in charge. Our caregivers who provide in-home care in Greater Milwaukee are going to do the best that they can to ensure that you don't feel left out when they care for your loved one. You all can make a plan together for how you ensure that you still feel a part of your senior's life.

20. How do I know if Always Best Care is the right choice for in-home care in Greater Milwaukee?

We know that there are plenty of options for senior care in Greater Milwaukee. If you do a simple Google search, you will get plenty of options coming up for providers of senior care. While we can't speak for every single other provider out there, we can speak for the years of service that we have provided to the Greater Milwaukee community. We can assure you that your senior will be in good hands whenever we are caring for him or her.

21. What steps are taken to ensure that my loved one's in-home care in Greater Milwaukee is safe?

We want to make sure that your senior feels safe at all times when he or she is receiving in-home care in Greater Milwaukee. This means that all of our caregivers must go through mandatory safety training in the latest safety topics before they can begin working with seniors. You will never have to worry about whether or not your senior is safe whenever our caregivers are on the job.

22. Do I need to sign a contract or agree to an hourly minimum for my loved one to be applicable for your home care in Greater Milwaukee?

Not at all! When you work with Always Best Care, you will never have to sign a contract or agree to any certain number of hours of care. When providing in-home care in Greater Milwaukee, all we want to do is ensure that your loved one gets the care that he or she deserves.

23. Do you provide in-home care in Greater Milwaukee for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia?

We know that Alzheimer's is a disease that affects so many families out there. Every senior with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia have special needs when compared to those seniors who are not suffering from such conditions. That's why each of our caregivers are properly trained on how to work with Alzheimer's patients and what special treatment that they required. You can rest assured that no matter what your senior is suffering from, he or she is in good hands with Always Best Care.

24. If I choose your in-home care in Greater Milwaukee, what type of services can my loved one expect on a day-to-day basis?

Each and every senior is different. Your senior might have different needs from other seniors and that's completely understandable! This is something that we take into account when our caregivers who provide home care in Greater Milwaukee build up your care plan with you. Below are some of the services that we provide:
  • Prepping for each day
  • Watering the plants and taking care of animals
  • Daily reminders to take medications
  • Mobility assistance
  • Morning wake-up calls and night tuck-ins
  • House maintenance and cleaning
  • Answering the door and phone

25. Do you provide respite in-home care in Greater Milwaukee?

We know that you might already be providing care to your loved one who is in need of senior care in Greater Milwaukee. However, this might be taking a lot of time away from your personal life or your own needs. If you feel that you need a sick day or some time off, then you shouldn't have to worry about your senior too much! Feel free to utilize one of our caregivers to come and help out whenever you need some respite from the duties of caring for your senior.

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We know that exceptional service sets us apart from all other home care companies. All of our team members and caregivers receive comprehensive training before being assigned to a care plan. Our standard is that "we only hire care providers we would have care for our own loved ones." Always Best Care provides in-home care services from as little as one hour per day up to 24-hour care, and up to 7 days a week. Whatever your care needs are, Always Best Care is there for you.

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