The Vital Importance of Oral Health for Seniors

It is important that seniors do not accept deteriorating teeth and gums as a fact of life as they age. If you are a senior, please remember that dental care is about much more than just your teeth. The state of your oral health can actually determine how well you look and feel.

Even the best dental care cannot always prevent problems in your mouth. However, there are daily routines you can follow to reduce the risk of hearing words such as plaque, gingivitis or the more advanced periodontal disease from your dentist. The staff at agencies providing elderly care in Tacoma, such as Always Best Care (ABC), will stress the importance of you making it a habit to do the following:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Use an electric toothbrush at home
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss daily, perhaps with a water flosser
  • Eat healthy foods

You might find it difficult to make sure you have removed all the plaque that forms on your teeth. That is why you need regular visits to your dentist or dental hygienist for cleanings and checkups. If you are experiencing bleeding or swollen gums, see your dentist immediately as this is a sign of gingivitis, which can be treated fairly easily. However, if left too long, you might develop the more serious periodontitis, which means your gums are pulling away from your teeth and becoming infected.

There are recent research studies that speak to the links between periodontal disease and diabetes, dementia and breathing problems. Practicing good dental care goes a long way in preventing serious mouth problems and triggering other conditions. It is up to you to take responsibility for those simple routine habits for good oral health.

If you are having difficulty maintaining your dental health, you might want to speak with the professionals at Always Best Care. They always have good advice to share and can discuss the kind of assistance you might want with some of your personal care in order to continue living at home in safety and good health. It might help you to have someone go shopping with you or providing the in home care Tacoma WA residents can access from ABC even a few hours a week.

Phil Natsiopoulos is the owner and administrator of ABC providing excellent senior care in Tacoma WA. He is proud to be part of a national organization that is also well connected to local resources for seniors. Phil is available to provide information and explore options to support you in maintaining your current lifestyle. Contact him today at (253) 534-9596 or [email protected].


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