Tacoma Music Scene — All Ages Welcome

Tacoma, the birthplace of Bing Crosby, has musical traditions going back for decades, and is increasingly establishing itself as the cultural center for music in the Pacific Northwest. The music scene here embraces every possible genre, from classical, through folk, to metal and hip hop, and is enjoyed by people of all ages, from school children right through to the very old. For those responsible for in home care Tacoma WA is a fantastic place to encourage elderly people to get involved in singing and music making, and reap all the benefits that they bring.

More than Just Feelings

Of course, anyone involved in singing activities, whether in a choir, or in congregational or community singing, is well aware of how enjoyable it is, and how it increases the feel-good factor. But now we know it’s not just about feelings — there’s growing scientific evidence to prove that taking part in singing activity brings measurable benefits in physical, mental and emotional health, to everyone, but particularly to older people. The lesson for those involved in senior care in Tacoma WA is that encouraging older adults to take part in singing activities can result in a host of health and social benefits.

A Good Workout

One obvious benefit is that choral singing is a form of exercise. Older people often find it hard to engage in physical activity, especially if they have some form of disability, but the training in singing techniques, which is required in a choir, gives your lungs a workout, strengthens the diaphragm and improves circulation — and because you take in more oxygen, it increases your aerobic capacity too. At the same time, it allows more oxygen to reach the brain, which in turn improves concentration, memory and mental alertness. A research study found that seniors joining a choir experienced fewer hospital visits, less tendency to depression and fewer eyesight problems than those who did not, and noticed improvements to their speaking voices too.

Sing at Home

One specific benefit of joining a choir, of course, is the social interaction, which is great for seniors living alone. However, if it just isn’t possible for your elderly relative to get out to join a choir, or if he or she just doesn’t want to, another possibility is to install a karaoke machine in the house — that way your loved one can still enjoy the physical and mental benefits of singing, to tunes that often bring back happy memories. If you are involved in elderly care in Tacoma, and feel the need of support and advice on this issue or any other, Always Best Care is here to help — just get in touch with Phil Natsiopoulos by phone at (253) 534-9596 or by email at [email protected].

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