Strategies for Boosting Brain Health

We tend to associate older age with graying hair and aching limbs, but if science is to be believed, we actually reach our peak mental health at the age of 20. That’s because from that point on, the speed at which our brain is able to process thought is said to slow by seven to ten milliseconds per year.

While that might only sound like a fraction of an amount, it only takes our brain’s processing speed to slow by 100 milliseconds for us to become unable to carry out logical thought.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways that seniors receiving home care in Tacoma can fight back against the natural mental aging process, and in some cases, even reverse it. We have put together four of these strategies below:


A quick walk to the shops and back every day can not only help to keep a senior fit and in shape, but can also help to improve his or her neurological activity. This can help to improve the ability to cope with stress as well as his or her memory.

Exercise also causes the brain to release ‘happy’ chemicals known as endorphins that can help combat depression.


While reading might not be everybody’s cup of tea, it’s well worth trying outthis pastime, as it can help to improve a person’s autobiographical memory. Studies have shown that having to remember all of the different elements of a piece of literature can cause several parts of the brain to work at once.

In addition to this, reading also helps to create new neural connections in the brain, which makes it much easier for us to breakdown directions and information.


Brain-training puzzles or board games such as Sudoku or Scrabble not only help to keep a senior engaged, but also help to train certain parts of the brain.

Because the brain is a muscle, if it’s repeatedly asked to do a certain task, it will gradually be able to increase its level of performance over time.


The Mental Health Foundation estimates that some 22% of men and 28% of women over the age of 65 suffer from depression.

One of the best ways for a senior to combat this illness is by socializing. Being around friends or loved ones on a regular basis will help to keep a senior in a positive frame of mind.

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