Sleepless in Tacoma? Tips for a Better Night’s Rest

Retired seniors in Tacoma, the City of Destiny, famously lead exceptionally full and active lives, thanks to the area’s wealth of cultural opportunities, its pleasant climate and its outstandingly walkable neighborhoods. However, an active and energetic life by day requires a deep and restorative sleep by night – yet, there is ample evidence that for large numbers of elderly people this quality of sleep is unattainable. Providers of senior care in Tacoma WA often need to find ways of helping older relatives enjoy a really good night’s rest. Always Best Care can help.

Everyone Needs Sleep

There is actually a common belief that seniors need less sleep, but this is simply not true — adults of any age require 7-9 hours, though some individuals need more than others. However, as we get older, our sleeping patterns change, so we tend to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Once older people are in bed, there are many reasons why they may not get the good sleep they need — for instance, they may be suffering chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, they may keep waking up to go to the bathroom, or they may be on medications that cause insomnia.

Why It’s Important

However, if you are providing elderly care in Tacoma, it’s important to find ways of helping your loved one get as good a night’s sleep as possible. Persistent poor sleep can result in deteriorating memory and concentration, leading to increased confusion, and to reduced emotional wellbeing, which can cause more frequent irritability, and even depression. It can also lead to unsteadiness and impaired balance, resulting in falls and injury.

Sleep Strategies

One way to help is to encourage elderly relatives to avoid napping during the day. You can also try to tempt them to spend more time outside in the sun, in a wheelchair if necessary, or going for a walk in one of Tacoma’s lovely parks — sunlight helps regulate melatonin, which controls our sleep-wake cycle, and many older folks don’t get nearly enough. Try to persuade your relative to avoid caffeine or alcohol, or a heavy meal, late in the evening, and work on establishing a soothing bedtime routine, with a relaxing activity and perhaps a warm bath. A companion caregiver can help ensure that your senior is active enough to help assist in a good night’s sleep at the end of an enjoyable day.

For anyone receiving in home care Tacoma WA is an amazing place to enjoy life in retirement, but this needs to go along with plenty of good sleep. The caregivers at Always Best Care are highly experienced in helping the older generation live life to the fullest, and are always at hand to provide support and advice. You can contact Phil Natsiopoulos at any time by email at [email protected], or at (253) 534-9596 to get answers to all your senior care questions.

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