Plan a Successful Vacation with Your Senior Loved One

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Create precious memories with your senior loved one on your next getaway!

There often comes a time for adult children to plan a vacation for, or with, their parents. Perhaps, you have decided you would like to take Mom on a cruise or your uncle is all excited about a road trip down the coast. Whatever the situation, you want to make sure it is an enjoyable time for all. Even if they are already receiving in home care Tacoma WA residents are able to travel as long as you prepare well.

Following are a few recommendations that will ensure the success of your vacation with your loved one:

    • Plan a Leisurely Pace

Whether the trip will last three days or two weeks, make sure you are not rushing. If you’re planning a group tour, review each day’s itinerary carefully with your travel agent.

    • Check for Accessibility

Your parent or other loved one might have mobility impairment even if they are not using a wheelchair or walker. Check for benches for resting on long walks, hand rails in bathrooms and use elevators instead of stairs.

    • Appropriate Clothing

Depending on the age and health issues of your senior, suggest appropriate clothing, remembering seniors often feel the cold more keenly. Also, check out the need for formal wear if it is a cruise or group tour you are planning.

    • Medication and Devices

When planning a trip as part of your elderly care in Tacoma, review regular medications and make sure there are enough available. Take the prescriptions with you, including a few extra days’ worth in case of any delay. Look into extra prescription glasses.

    • Accommodation

If you are sharing a room, be sure there will be enough privacy to keep you all happy. Cruise ships and the hotels used by bus tours usually offer several options.

    • Luggage

Discuss luggage and the amount of clothing needed, especially if your senior wants to look after their own bags. Encourage packing light.

    • Decision Making

It is important to involve your loved one in the planning once you have collected enough information to make decisions. That way, there are no false expectations about the itinerary, activities and costs. It is also best to be clear who is paying for what before you ever leave home.

Most residents receiving senior care in Tacoma WA are pleased when they have an opportunity to travel, especially with their children. At Always Best Care, our professionally-trained staff work diligently to help seniors maintain their independence. If you have questions about the availability of excellent elderly care in Tacoma, contact Phil Natsiopoulos, the owner and Administrator of Always Best Care at 253-534-9596 or [email protected].

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