Pet-friendly Tacoma – Perfect for Senior Pet Ownership

The Pacific Northwest is well known for having the highest levels of pet ownership in the USA, especially cats and dogs — and if pets are so important for the population in general, they can be especially important for seniors. A pet companion contributes an immense amount to anyone’s life, but for an older person, pet ownership has been proven to bring extraordinary and measurable health benefits, both mental and physical. This part of the country is very pet-oriented, and for anyone receiving in-home care Tacoma WA is a fantastic place to own a pet, especially a dog.

Beautiful Dog Parks

One reason why having a dog can be particularly good for a senior is that the dog requires at least one walk a day. This means the owner actually gets out of the house into the open air, meets people, and benefits from physical activity — walking is an unbeatable form of exercise, but not attractive to do on your own. Tacoma has no fewer than 7 off-leash dog parks, in beautiful locations — such as the stunning Point Defiance Park along the Puget Sound.

Cat-friendly Neighborhoods

If your elderly relative is hesitant about going outside, providers of senior care in Tacoma WA will be on hand to provide support, and provide company if required. However, not all seniors will have sufficient mobility to walk a dog, and may gain more benefits from another type of pet like a cat, rabbit or bird. Washington is rated one of the most cat-friendly states in the USA, so with a cat, your elderly relative will certainly find plenty of like-minded friends in the neighborhood.

Extra Benefits

If your senior relative lives alone, perhaps after a bereavement, you may be particularly keen for him or her to have a pet to keep him/her company and for the satisfaction of having someone to care for. Important as this is, however, it’s far from being the only benefit derived from pet companionship. Stroking and cuddling a pet has been scientifically proven to have measurable outcomes for physical health, including an enhanced immune system, and lower heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

With all the positive effects of animal companionship for older people, it’s not surprising that providers of elderly care in Tacoma WA are very committed to supporting and helping seniors with pet ownership. The companion caregivers from Always Best Care will be happy to assist with finding the right pet, right through to all the practical issues involved in pet care. Just call Phil Natsiopoulos and the team at (253) 534-9596, or send an email to [email protected] to find out more.

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