Noticing the Need for Assistance for Your Senior Loved One

in-home careOne of the most difficult times in our relationship with our parents is when we realize our roles have reversed and we are now watching out for them. Usually, we reach a point where we have to have a discussion about their ability to live on their own and it’s a tough one. There is no way we want to look as if we’re trying to take away their independence, but we do have legitimate concerns. Fortunately, there are agencies like Always Best Care that offer excellent in-home care Tacoma WA residents can easily access to better ensure their loved ones can remain safe and happy at home.


Signs of Problems

First, you should make sure we really know what you’re talking about. Take time on your regular visits to your parent or other loved one to figure out exactly what kind of help might be needed. By keeping your eyes and ears open and working the topics into casual conversations, you can check on the state of their:


  • Groceries and Meals

Are there nutritious food items in the fridge and cupboards and do they have a regular turnover? Can your senior tell you what meals they have prepared recently? Perhaps you can have a chat about favorite recipes.


  • Clean House

Look past any clutter to see if there is actual dust and dirt under that pile of books or long time stains on floors or bathroom fixtures. Are the dishes washed properly or just rinsed quickly and put away?

  • Laundry

Are there clean clothes in the closets and freshly laundered sheets on the beds and towels in the bathroom? Does your senior have different clothes on when we visit or is it always the same outfit?

  • Hygiene

Yes, unfortunately, it is body odor that tells you there’s a problem and that is always a difficult subject, especially when it’s your parent. Check for use of dental care products.

  • State of Finances

Are bills being paid on time or are there utility cut-off notices? What about financial statements that should be checked and acted on?


Solutions for Senior Care in Tacoma WA

You must be careful to involve your senior in finding the solution to any of the above situations. Fortunately, you can call in qualified, experienced Always Best Care professionals for quality elderly care in the Tacoma and Seattle area. Just contact the local owner of Always Best Care, Phil Natsiopoulos, at 253.534.9596 or [email protected] for a consultation with everyone involved. He can assess the situation and arrange for services to support our loved ones in maintaining their independence safely and securely in their own homes.


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