In Your Best Interest- Aging in Your Own Home

If you are fast approaching the age in which you need to consider senior care in Tacoma WA, and dread the trauma and sadness of leaving your home behind, you are not alone. Always Best Care offers you good news. More and more senior citizens are choosing to remain in their homes. The old school “It’s in their best interest” attitude when referring to nursing homes is becoming obsolete. Careful consideration is being given to the advantages of remaining in your home, even when faced with some of the challenges of aging.

Familiarity Reduces Stress

Anyone dealing with a physical limitation associated with aging is aware that there will be some necessary adaptations in a home for safe living. An adaptation could be as simple as removing loose throw rugs, or it could entail something like a new walk-in shower. Regardless, you will still be waking up in your own bed, dining in your own kitchen, performing morning rituals in your own bathroom. What’s more, you will be surrounded by your personal belongings as you do it- all of them, not just the few you were allowed to keep. Each familiar knick-knack, throw pillow, or piece of furniture can seem like an old friend bringing comfort and peace.

Less Money Worries

Money can be a stressor at any stage of life. It’s one thing you should not have to worry about now. Consider the fact that staying in your own home will cost much less, even taking the cost of any safety modifications needed into consideration. For the most part, modifications involve a onetime investment, while a nursing facility is a constant and heavy drain on your resources over a longer period of time.

Family Relationships

So many people have been blessed with fond memories of visits to grandparents’ homes, or the homes of cherished older friends. While nursing homes make every effort to help you continue family traditions, a gathering in a small, often shared bedroom, or in a large impersonal dining hall, does not allow the same comfort and intimacy. In the privacy your own home, you can still enjoy gatherings of family and friends according to your own timetable.

Help is Available

Maintaining your quality of life in your home may seem unrealistic, but help is available. For quality customized senior care Tacoma WA residents can turn to Always Best Care. We have the knowledge and the capabilities to make aging in place a reality. Whether you need regular quick visits to ensure that life is going smoothly, or you need assistance around the clock, we can help you stay in your home. For a clear understanding of your options for elderly care in Tacoma, contact Phil Natsiopoulos at (253) 534- 9596 or [email protected].

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