Helping your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning in Tacoma

Sometimes elderly people’s houses can end up full of clutter.  It builds up from years of collecting memories, and it soon turns into what we see as a mess, but what they may see as accumulated treasure.

Ensuring your loved one lives in a clean and safe environment is an important thing to think about.  If he or she receivessenior care in Tacoma from Always Best Care, then this is a task that our Caregivers can help with on a regular basis.

Clearing out clutter from homes not only helps with easier organization; it also makes homes safer, as that clutter can be a trip-hazard that may cause unnecessary injuries.  If, in the future, your loved one will move to an assisted living facility, keeping things clean and organized will make the final move a much easier process.

Always bear in mind that change can be tough for seniors to accept.  Keep them involved in the cleaning process and understand how hard it might be to throw certain things in the trash.

Start Off Small

If you are having issues persuading your senior to participate in a clean-up, then try to convince him or her by starting off small.  Start byclearing off just one counter or floor space, and then progress to cleaning an entire room.  This will make the overall process less overwhelming.

Offer Up Choices

Not everything has to be thrown away and lost forever.  Remember the overall objective, but don’t forget to be patient and understanding.  Some things can stay, some things can go in the attic, others can be passed on to loved ones, and some can be donated.

Passing things on to loved ones is an excellent option, as it ensures that treasured memories are not lost forever.

Removal of Safety Hazards

Be open with your loved one about the main reason for spring cleaning.  Demonstrate how clutter can be a trip-hazard.  Explain why you are wanting to replace broken furniture and appliances with new, safer versions or why certain things need to be fixed before being used further.

Regular cleaning can ensure that there are fewer issues to deal with at once.

Caregivers from Always Best Care can help with regular light cleaning, as well as a lot of other tasks, including organizing belongings, putting groceries away, preparing meals, and reminding your loved one when to take medications.

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