Exploring Exciting Volunteer Opportunities In 2017

In 2017, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and engage with your local community. You might have wished you had made time in 2016 to volunteer and spend time with those in need. The great part of the New Year is that there is time for you to make plans to volunteer with your local soup kitchen, library, house of worship, or however you choose to spend your time. And as always, there are tons of people in need that you can make a big, positive impact on. If you’re receiving in-home care in Tacoma WA, there are tons of ways you can volunteer in the community. Read on below to discover some ideas of what you can do.

  • One of the first places you can volunteer in 2017 is at the place you spend all of your Sundays at. Your house of worship, if you attend one, is a perfect place to volunteer. There is always something to help out with, whether you attend a mosque, church, or temple. You can help with basic maintenance tasks around the facility or help with special events that may be going on. Just speak with the leadership at your house of worship to see how you can be of assistance!
  • Next up, head over to your public library to see what kind of volunteering help they need. You may not think about it, but many public libraries depend on volunteers for assistance. And you can be that help in 2017. From restocking books to manning the circulation desk to helping out with special events, there is plenty to do. Head over to one of the public libraries in Tacoma and just ask what they need done.
  • Another classic way of helping out is by volunteering with a soup kitchen or food pantry. These facilities give so much to the community by helping those who are most in need. There are plenty of people in Tacoma who are facing food insecurity and just don’t have access to a sustainable food source. You can help with these soup kitchens or food pantries by serving food to those who come through the doors, packaging food to go, or just helping out wherever it’s needed. Call up The Tacoma Rescue Mission and ask them how you can be of assistance.
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