Combatting Spring Allergies in Tacoma

Spring is a time full of positivity for the majority of people.  Green leaves, blooming flowers, brighter weather, and longer daytimes all go a long way to make people feel genuinely invigorated.

For seasonal allergy sufferers, however, it’s the beginning of a time full of irritations and annoyances.  Red, itchy eyes and noses as well as dry, raspy breathing can mean that this time of year has the potential to be fairly miserable.

Fortunately for most people, over-the-counter remedies can generally alleviate symptoms.  For the elderly, it isn’t always that simple.

Often, elderly people have underlying conditions that can be adversely affected not only by seasonal allergies, but by the medications used to treat the allergies as well.

Get Medical Advice

This is important for elderly allergy sufferers as soon as symptoms present themselves.  Not only can a doctor help with prescribing the correct medication, he or she can also identify the allergens causing the symptoms.  This will help with future prevention.

Reduce Allergens in the Home

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your loved one’s home is a refuge from his or her allergies.  Listed below are some tasks that a Caregiver offering in-home care in Tacoma can help you complete:

  • Get an air purifier – Air in our homes is full of dust, spores, and allergens. Purifiers suck this air through a filter that takes these particles out of the air.  They then pump the clean air out, making the home a much more pleasant environment.
  • Clean fabrics – Allergens stick to fabrics and need to be removed before being worn. Ensure that clothes and bed sheets are washed regularly, and avoid drying them outside.  Vacuum and clean all soft furnishings such as curtains, sofas, and carpets.
  • Have outdoor and indoor clothes – Remove clothes and shoes that have been worn outdoors and change into clean clothes when going back inside.
  • Wash face and hair regularly – Washing the face provides instantaneous relief, and washing the hair cleans another area that easily collects allergens.
  • Dust regularly – Allergens can be found hiding in the same places as dust particles. Regularly clean areas where dust accumulates.

Stay Inside

Pay attention to the air quality reports and if the air outside is poor, consider keeping your loved one inside with the windows closed.  If he or she does need to go outside, ensure that his or her eyes, mouth, and nose are protected.

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