5 of the Best Benefits of Music for Seniors

Music can have an outstanding effect on the physical and mental health of seniors. It is often used to help calm and relax elderly people, who tend to enjoy listening to music on a regular basis. If you have older relatives, it may be worth helping them find music that they can truly enjoy. Ask them about their favorite musicians or genre and create a bespoke playlist for them to listen to.
Always Best Care, specialist providers of senior care in Tacoma, WA, have witnessed the benefits of music for the elderly many times. Here are the top five advantages that listening to music can have on senior citizens:

1. Helps to Develop Better Speech Skills

Elderly people often find it difficult to communicate their thoughts and feelings with words. However, communicating via song seems to be much easier for them. Alzheimer patients can often recognize songs despite many of them no longer being able to speak properly. This proves the wonderful effect that music can have on the mind, improving speech and communication skills.

2. Improves Cognitive Skills

Memory loss is something that many elderly people must cope with as they grow older. This can be incredibly heart-breaking for both them and their families. Thankfully, music can assist with the retrieval of cherished memories. The main reason for this is because most people associate music with past events. This can lead to a memory coming back to you without warning and helps to improve your overall cognitive skills.

3. Boosts Social Skills

Elderly people often enjoy the social aspect that music can bring to their lives. Many people find it easier to socialize with others when music is playing. It often injects confidence into the listener, helping them to better communicate and socialize with their peers.

4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Peaceful music can be incredibly relaxing, especially for seniors. When an elderly person is feeling anxious or stressed, playing quiet music in the background can help calm them down. This reduces stress, anxiety and can even improve their overall mood for the day.

5. Encourages Gentle Exercise

Dancing to music improves co-ordination and encourages seniors to indulge in gentle exercise. If an elderly person has low energy levels, a long walk might be too difficult for them. Many seniors prefer to dance because it is a low-impact activity and the music helps them to relax.

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