What You Need to Know About Senior Assisted Living and the Holidays

What You Need to Know About Senior Assisted Living and the Holidays in Norfolk

People tend to have an unwarranted negative view about senior care facilities. This is especially true around the holidays. Nobody wants to imagine a poor, neglected elderly person sitting all alone in a derelict nursing home. While this is the reality for some seniors, many more seniors live in well-run, well-maintained senior care communities where they have friends. And, more to the point, not all senior care communities are nursing homes. Norfolk, Virginia, for example, is home to several great assisted living communities.

Senior Care

The term “senior assisted living” has a specific meaning within the context of senior care. It’s not a new term for “nursing home”. Senior assisted living refers to a dynamic form of senior care. While senior care can be provided in a number of different locations, even in the private homes of seniors, senior assisted living is only provided in an assisted living community. Senior assisted living refers to the care and assistance administered by the staff of an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities are only one of a few types of senior care facility. Independent living communities, for example, are residences for seniors who don’t need personal care provided by the staff. The staff at such facilities take care of landscaping and might provide cleaning services, but that’s usually the extent of it. These are also known as retirement homes.

Nursing homes are on the other end of the senior care continuum. The residents of nursing homes often have considerable health concerns and are limited in their ability to take care of themselves. These residents need high levels of care. Assisted living communities occupy a middle ground on the senior care continuum. The staff at assisted living communities provide care to seniors, but they don’t interfere in the lives of seniors any more than they have to. Assisted living communities are set up to find the right balance between assistance and autonomy for the seniors who live there.

Senior Assisted Living around the Holidays

Because senior assisted living communities prioritize the independence of their residents whenever possible, they often don’t pose a problem to organizing holiday events. If your grandmother wants to leave to come stay at your place for Christmas, that’s probably not a problem. Some assisted living apartments are even big enough to host a small holiday get together. If you can’t make it to see your elderly loved one for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever, that sucks, but senior assisted living communities will always have their own holiday celebrations and meals. Festive cheer is not only for families.

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