Three Keys to Helping Your Elderly Parents

Three Keys to Helping Your Elderly Parents

It’s probably fair to say that, to a degree, we all dread our parents getting older. We dread our own aging, too, of course, but with our parents our worries tend to be more serious and less superficial. At least, for most of us. As our parents reach their senior years, it’s usually the first time that they need our help and not the other way around. It can be a difficult transition. Of course, we all want to help as best we can. But how can we best help? Here are three keys to helping your elderly parents.

Accept Change

Change is inevitable. We all know this yet it’s remarkable how much we struggle with it. How much we fight against it. Think about how many complaints you hear (or that you yourself has uttered) when one of your favorite websites or apps changes its format or when your favorite television show changes nights. Now think of the big changes that come in life. Like needing senior care.

They key here is not to fight it. Don’t fight change. Don’t fight your parents. Don’t enable their fighting of change, either. If they need care, you will have to sit down with them and discuss it and find the easiest, most convenient way for them to get the care they need, often, that means utilizing in-home care services.

Don’t Try to Do it All Yourself

You can’t do everything yourself. You don’t want to be rushing all over town and desperately trying to carve out time in your busy schedule to help your elderly parents. Your parents don’t want you to do that either. Furthermore, your parents don’t want to have to fret over that one big weekly (or daily) chore that they struggle to do. And that leads us to tip number three.

Hire the Professionals

For all of the above reasons, you should hire a senior care agency. A senior healthcare agency can connect you to assisted living communities in the Norfolk, Virginia, area or can supply you with an in-home caregiver. Senior care facilities help hundreds of thousands of seniors every day. But many seniors don’t want to leave their homes. That is why in-home care is great. With in-home care, you can have a caregiver come to your elderly parent’s home and give assistance and supervision. This negates the need for a move to an assisted living community.

With their whole lives already changing around them, seniors who are facing questions about diminished abilities and even their own mortality should not also have to face moving out of their beloved homes if they don’t want to. In-home care sees to it that seniors can get the care they require without having to flip their whole lives upside down.

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