Six Things Seniors in Norfolk, VA, Should Know About Non-Medical In-Home Care

6 Things Seniors in Norfolk, Should Know About Non-Medical In-Home Care

“Non-medical in-home care” is a bit of a mouthful. What does it even mean? When first learning about a new industry one can become very confused by all the new terms one comes across. This is true of the senior care industry. When they suspect they might be able to benefit from some care, seniors or their family members will then begin researching their options and when they see a term like “non-medical in-home care” they might just scratch their heads. But don’t worry, Always Best Care of Norfolk is here to explain it all to you. Here are six things that seniors in Norfolk, Virginia, should know about non-medical in-home care.

Non-Medical In-Home Care is Provided by Caregivers

Non-medical in-home care is not provided by doctors or registered nurses. This is why we use the term “non-medical”. Doctors and nurses are too busy with other matters to be able to help seniors in Norfolk with everything they might need assistance with. That’s why we have caregivers. Non-medical in-home care is provided by professional, skills-tested, bonded, and insured caregivers.

Non-Medical In-Home Care is Provided in the Homes of Clients

There are several great assisted living communities in and around Norfolk, VA. But not all seniors want to move out of their homes and into a senior care facility. They’re more comfortable and happier in their own Norfolk-area homes. Thankfully, with non-medical in-home care, seniors and those who live with disabilities can receive care in their own homes. Hence the term, “in-home”.

Non-Medical In-Home Care is Affordable

Not only is non-medical in-home care more convenient and more appealing for many seniors, non-medical in-home care is often also the cheaper option. This is because there’s no need to pay rent or other fees to a senior care facility.

Non-Medical In-Home Care Covers Personal Care

Personal care is care designed to help seniors take care of themselves. Services of this kind can include help with eating, grooming, dealing with incontinence issues, and help with cognitive impairments.

Non-Medical In-Home Care Covers Home Helper Services

Non-medical in-home care is not just about helping seniors get around and take care of themselves. It’s also about making their lives easier, say, by helping them take care of their homes. Home helper services can involve a caregiver changing linens and making beds, preparing meals, organizing mail, and escorting seniors on errands and appointments.

Non-Medical In-Home Care Covers Companionship Services

Many seniors are physically healthy but their mental or emotional wellbeing is deteriorating or at risk of doing so. Companionship services can help. With companionship services, a caregiver can help seniors by stimulating their mental awareness, monitoring their diet and eating habits, and just spending time and talking with them.

A full list of all of Always Best Care of Norfolk’s non-medical in-home care services can be found here.

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