Non-Medical In-Home Care in Norfolk, VA

At the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk is the core of the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area and is the second most populous city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of the 2010 census, nearly 11% of Norfolk’s population were seniors. Many of these seniors will require care at some point. But not all of them will want to move into a senior care community. What should these seniors do?

Always Best Care Senior Services – Norfolk can help such seniors. We are proud to offer our clients in Norfolk and the surrounding areas non-medical in-home care. What is non-medical in-home care? Non-medical in-home care is care for seniors, veterans, and younger people who live with disabilities. This care is administered in the private homes of the recipients; not in care facilities. The care is delivered by a certified caregiver (not a registered nurse or a doctor). Non-medical in-home care has transformed the lives of many seniors, not just in Norfolk, but all over VA, and America, too.

Seniors are a wide and varied demographic and as such they have a wide variety of needs. Some seniors require help with bathing, eating, and other activities that fall under the realm of personal care. On the other hand, there are seniors who can take care of themselves fine but who need help with daily household chores and errands. Whatever your needs or the needs of your elderly loved one in or near Norfolk, non-medical in-home care can help. To schedule a complimentary in-home assessment, please contact us or call us at 757-655-8008.