Is Home Care Assistance Available in Norfolk?

Is Home Care Assistance Available in Norfolk, Virginia?

Home care assistance is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Home care assistance is a category of care service that sees the care provided within the homes of the clients. Home care assistance is very popular with seniors, who, as a demographic, are likelier to require or benefit from home care assistance than other people. However, many younger people who live with disabilities or conditions also avail themselves of home care assistance. But is home care assistance available in Norfolk, Virginia?

Senior Care in Norfolk, Virginia

Home care assistance is one of the two main types of senior care available. The other type comes in the form of senior care facilities. There are a several senior care facilities in the Norfolk area. These facilities are all different from each other in some minor and even marjor ways. There are also different types of senior care facilities.

There are independent living communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more. Seniors and people living with disabilities have many options. But these different types of communities and facilities all have one thing common: they all require that the individual in need of care must leave their home. But many people don’t want to leave their homes. For those people, there is home care assistance.

Home Care Assistance in Norfolk

Always Best Care of Norfolk offers home care assistance, so if you have an elderly loved one who could benefit from senior care but who does not want to move out of their home, home care assistance is an ideal option. With home care assistance, clients can avail themselves of a large number of care services that can be delivered to them in their very own homes.

What Kind of Services Can Clients Receive In-Home with Home Care Assistance?

  • For clients who need relatively minor assistance, there are services such as: planning visits and outings, stimulating mental awareness, and monitoring diet. Seniors can receive care that specifically focuses on their emotional and mental wellbeing (companionship care) as well as services that help them manage their homes (home helper services).
  • For clients that need care and assistance with more pressing matters, there are services such as: helping with cognitive impairments, helping with bathing, and assisting with incontinence/toileting. Most of these services fall under the umbrella of personal care.

Always Best Care of Norfolk

Always Best Care can connect you to a bonded and insured caregiver who is covered by Worker’s Compensation, in the Norfolk area. These certified caregivers must all pass a thorough criminal background check. All of Always Best Care’s caregivers receive comprehensive and ongoing training.

Home Care Assistance for Specific Conditions in Norfolk

One of the great advantages of home care assistance, apart from its convenience, is that it is an inherently personal service. As such, seniors who have a specific condition can receive the services of a home caregiver who is specially trained and experienced in helping seniors who have that condition. Such conditions include Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and more.

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