In Home Senior Care Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is the second most populous city in the Commonwealth of VA. As such, real estate is pretty prized. Even though the cost of living in Virginia Beach is not as high as other parts of the country, many people are very hesitant to move from the home they own or rent in the Virginia Beach area. Let’s face it, Virginia Beach is a great place to live. But there are times in life when we have to move out of our homes. Take, for example, seniors who require care. They have to leave their homes and move into senior care facilities, right?

Wrong. Always Best Care Senior Services – Norfolk can help seniors who need care but who prefer to remain living in their own private homes. In-home care covers a wide variety of services so almost every senior, no matter their specific needs, can benefit from in-home care. Always Best Care Senior Services – Norfolk can meet with seniors and their families to provide a complimentary assessment of what we think are the most pressing needs. We will then recommend a customized care plan that is best suited to you.

At Always Best Care Senior Services – Norfolk, we offer personal care, companion care, and home helper services. Personal care is for seniors who need help with grooming, eating, bathing, etc. Companion care is for seniors who are at risk of depression because of loneliness and isolation. Home helper services are for seniors who would like help running errands and taking care of their homes. To schedule a complimentary in-home assessment, please contact us or call us at 757-655-8008.