Home Care Options In The Commonwealth Of Virginia

Home Care Options in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Discover all the different home care options available to seniors and people with disabilities living in the Norfolk area of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Home Care In Norfolk, VA

Whether you live in Norfolk or somewhere nearby, you can benefit from home care. Home care involves a caregiver visiting a client in their own home and providing care to them. This is one of the two principal ways that elderly Virginians and those living with disabilities can receive care.

The other option is to move into a long-term care facility. These facilities, such as nursing homes, memory care homes, and assisted living communities, are wonderful places for some seniors. Always Best Care of Norfolk offers assisted living placement consultations to help you discover the best community for you and your family.

But for many seniors, none of the communities in Virginia are the right option. What if you love your Norfolk home and don’t want to move out? What if you don’t want to pay the rent and fees that long-term care centers charge? What if it just seems like a real hassle to move out? If so, there are three types of home care you should know about. These are:

Personal Home Care

Personal care helps seniors with the activities of daily living. These are routine chores we all do to take care of ourselves. Caregivers can visit seniors in their Norfolk-area homes and help them get in and out of bed, prepare and eat meals, shower or bathe, and more.

Companion Home Care

Mental health is as important as physical health. Sadly, seniors deal with many mental health challenges. Many seniors don’t have family and friends near Norfolk with whom they can visit often, so they lead isolated lives. This can cause loneliness and depression.

Companion caregivers visit seniors in their Norfolk homes and talk with them. They check up on them, monitor their emotional wellbeing, play card or board games with them, and help them keep up with correspondence. They can also accompany them to recreational events and appointments.

Home Helper Services

For many seniors, the biggest regular problem they face involves taking care of their Norfolk-area homes. Housekeeping can be a lot of work and tasks like mopping floors and scrubbing bathroom surfaces can be difficult, fatiguing, and painful for seniors. Home care covers home helper services. Caregivers can help with household chores and run errands, such as grocery shopping or picking up medication, for their clients.

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