Four Misconceptions About Senior Care

Four Misconceptions About Senior Care

If you’re considering senior care for yourself or an elderly loved one in Norfolk, Virginia, then you should learn the truth behind some common misconceptions.

1. Senior Living Community ≠ Nursing Home

Some people believe that all senior living communities are the same. They are not. While some people use the term “nursing home” to describe any facility in which elderly people live and receive care, this isn’t accurate. Nursing homes are a specific type of long-term care home that caters to those who have high-level needs. Nursing home residents often cannot manage their lives all on their own.

A retirement home is on the opposite end of the senior living spectrum. The staff at retirement homes, also called independent living communities, don’t provide care directly to the residents. They manage the cleaning and maintenance of the facility, but they typically don’t provide physical help to those who live there.

Assisted living communities are somewhere in the middle of these two. Assisted living aims to strike a balance between care and the independence of each resident. Residents of these communities receive care, but can often manage their own lives to a significant degree. Always Best Care of Norfolk offers free assisted living placement consultations to help seniors and their families choose the best community for them.

2. In-Home Care Is Not A Lesser Form Of Assisted Living.

Many seniors prefer to remain living in their own Norfolk-area homes. Some families worry that their elderly loved ones won’t receive the same standard of care in their own home as they would in a senior care community. But they needn’t worry about this. Always Best Care of Norfolk offers home care services that are equal to the care provided by assisted living communities.

3. In-Home Care Is Not More Expensive Than Assisted Living.

Because it’s more convenient, many think in-home care is more expensive than moving into a care facility. But it’s not. In-home care is usually less expensive than assisted living.

4. Senior Care Can Be A Want, Not Just A Need.

Many seniors need care to live their daily lives, but senior care can help many seniors with different needs. Care services can improve the lives of seniors who could manage their lives on their own if they had to. Senior care can just make life easier.

Many seniors can benefit from a little extra help. For example, Always Best Care of Norfolk offers home helper services. These services help seniors with household chores, such as dusting and vacuuming, as well as errands, including grocery shopping.

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