Elderly Care And Covid-19

Elderly Care and Covid-19

Elderly care helps seniors in Virginia manage their everyday lives but it’s also a solution for acute problems, like Covid-19 post-hospitalization issues.

Elderly Care Helps Seniors Take Care Of Their Norfolk-Area Homes.

Before a senior experiences significant difficulty in taking care of themselves, they are typically troubled by the rigors of housekeeping. Scrubbing stubborn bathroom stains, carrying laundry baskets up and down poorly lit basement stairs, and other chores can be painful, tiring, and possibly even dangerous for seniors. Home helper caregivers do chores and run errands for their clients, helping them take care of their Norfolk homes and manage their lives.

Elderly Care Helps Seniors Deal With Difficult Mental Health Issues.

Isolation is a problem for many seniors, even couples who live together. Many seniors don’t have many, if any, family or friends who live in the Norfolk area. This can easily lead to loneliness which in turn often leads to depression. Other seniors have mental health issues that result from neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Companion caregivers visit seniors, listen to their concerns, monitor their mental health, and encourage them to be social (in a safe way).

Elderly Care Helps Seniors Take Care Of Themselves Physically.

Personal caregivers visit seniors in their Norfolk homes and help them take care of themselves. Personal caregivers help clients with tasks such as showering or bathing, using the toilet, getting up and down stairs, and much more.

Elderly Care Helps Entire Families.

When a caregiver is devoted to helping your elderly loved one, this frees you up to actually spend time with them that’s not taken up doing chores.

Elderly Care Can Be Accessed In Assisted Living Communities.

There are multiple well-run assisted living communities in the Norfolk area. Assisted living balances care and independence. Residents in assisted living communities require care, but they can typically still manage their own lives to some degree. Always Best Care of Norfolk offers assisted living placements to help families find the best community for them.

Elderly Care Can Be Post-Covid-19 Care.

Seniors are at a significantly greater risk from Covid-19 than younger people. Many elderly people who have contracted Covid-19 have found themselves in hospitals, even some who had already been vaccinated. For many, the effects of Covid-19 don’t go away when the viral loads go away. Many people, especially seniors, report feeling fatigued, achy, and having a kind of brain fog for weeks and sometimes months after Covid. Elderly care can help people with these issues.

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