8 Ways Caregivers Help The Elderly In Norfolk, VA

8 Ways Caregivers Help The Elderly In Norfolk, VA

Learn about eight different ways that caregivers can help elderly people in the Norfolk area of Virginia live happier, safer, and healthier lives.

1. Caregivers Help The Elderly With The Activities Of Daily Living.

The activities of daily living are various everyday acts of self care. These activities are simple for young, able-bodied people, but for seniors and those living with disabilities, they are often challenging. Many elderly Virginians have difficulty getting out of bed, showering, grooming, or preparing and eating meals. Caregivers can visit seniors in their Norfolk homes and help with all these tasks and more.

2. Caregivers Help Seniors Improve Their Mental Health.

Many seniors in Norfolk don’t have family or friends nearby. They live their lives in quasi-isolation, and this can cause loneliness and depression. Caregivers can visit seniors in their Norfolk homes and converse with them, play card or board games with them, help them with correspondence, and more.

3. Caregivers Increase Convenience.

Caregiving saves lives, but it can also be beneficial at less important levels. Caregiving can make seniors’ lives easier. For example, caregivers can help seniors maintain their Norfolk homes. Home helper services can include vacuuming, mopping, grocery shopping, and more.

4. Caregivers Help Residents Of Senior Living Communities.

So far we’ve discussed in-home care services. But caregivers also work in senior living communities. These include nursing homes, Alzheimer’s and dementia care homes, and assisted living communities. In these communities, caregivers help seniors live their lives as healthily and safely as possible. Always Best Care of Norfolk offers assisted living placements to help seniors and their families find the best community for them.

5. Caregivers Can Help Seniors Defend Themselves Against Covid-19.

Caregivers can also help seniors get Covid-19 vaccines and booster shots. Always Best Care of Norfolk can help arrange appointments and transportation for Covid-19 vaccines for the elderly.

6. Caregivers Provide Covid-19 Post-Hospitalization Care.

Covid-19 can be debilitating even for fully vaccinated seniors. For seniors who have been hospitalized with Covid-19, recovery can take a long time. Caregivers can care for seniors during this recovery period.

7. Caregivers Help Seniors Recover From Surgeries And Injuries.

Apart from Covid-19, caregivers can also help seniors recover from injuries, surgeries, and other ailments. Caregivers can help speed up the recovery process.

8. Caregivers Provide Respite Care.

Many elderly Virginians receive care not from professional caregivers, but from their loved ones. However, these family caregivers are not always able to provide care. Professional caregivers can step in and provide respite care when family caregivers are busy or away.

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