6 Reasons to Consider Non-Medical Home Care in Norfolk, VA

6 Reasons to Consider Non-Medical Home Care in Norfolk, Virginia

Non-medical home care is designed to help seniors live their lives healthfully in their own homes. It is provided not by doctors or registered nurses, but by caregivers who are trained in caregiving and who are often very experienced at their jobs. Reputable healthcare agencies only employ caregivers who are bonded and have passed a criminal background check. Non-medical home care is available in Norfolk, Virginia. But if you’re a senior living in or around Norfolk, or the loved one of such a senior, why should you consider non-medical home care? Here are six reasons why:

 Non-Medical Home Care can Save Lives

Non-medical home caregivers can provide personal care services. Personal care helps seniors perform the daily activities we all do in order to live healthy lives. Tasks such as eating, using the bathroom, bathing, getting in and out of bed, and so on. Such tasks can be difficult for some seniors and they need assistance with them. Seniors shouldn’t have to move into a senior care facility to receive personal care, and with non-medical home care, they don’t have to.

Non-Medical Home Care Eases Stress and Makes Life more Convenient

Non-medical home care is not just about saving lives; it can be about making life just a little bit easier. Non-medical home care is not only for the very ill or infirm. Non-medical home care can also help seniors whose needs are not as severe. From helping to take care of a senior’s pet, doing some grocery shopping for them, or helping them with correspondence, non-medical home care can make life easier for any senior.

Non-Medical Home Care offers a Variety of Services

Always Best Care of Norfolk offers three different categories of non-medical home care: companionship services, home helper services, and personal care services. These services can help seniors with their emotional/mental wellbeing, help them to look after their homes, and help to look after themselves.

Non-Medical Home Care Allows you to Remain in your own Norfolk Home

If you don’t want to leave your home, why should you? Senior care facilities are often great, but they’re not for every senior. The seniors of Norfolk deserve a choice. By allowing seniors to stay in their homes, non-medical home care removes what is frequently one of the biggest barriers to seniors accepting care.

Non-Medical Home Care is often More Affordable

Recipients of non-medical home care need only to pay for the care they receive, not for the overhead of an entire facility and the accompanying rent. Therefore, for seniors who already own their homes, who are paying a rent that is reasonable given their means, or who are living with family, non-medical home care is almost invariably cheaper than moving into a senior care community.

Non-Medical Home Care Allows for an Easier Transition to Care

It can be difficult for seniors to accept care or to adjust to receiving care. This is especially true for seniors who move into care facilities, especially if they don’t want to move there. Starting with non-medical home care services such as companion care or homemaking services can ease seniors into higher levels of care if and when that becomes necessary.

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