4 Ways Non-Medical In-Home Care Can Help You

4 Ways Non-Medical In-Home Care Can Help You

Seniors in Norfolk, and all throughout Virginia, are often very comfortable in their own homes. They’re proud of their homes. They don’t want to leave their homes, especially if they’ve been told they have to. Being told, or realizing yourself, that you can’t adequately look after yourself and manage your life anymore can be very difficult for seniors. The problem is made that much worse when they’re told or they believe that they have to move into a senior care facility. Many senior care facilities are great, but seniors are rarely keen on leaving their homes. What can they do?

Non-Medical In-Home Care In Norfolk Is Super Convenient

Non-medical in-home is available in Norfolk. Non-medical in-home care consists of a caregiver coming to see clients in their homes and attending to their needs. Care providers can help with everything from:

  • assisting with errands
  • preparing meals
  • leading clients through prescribed exercise routines
  • helping clients get in and out of bed and wheelchairs
  • helping clients use the bathroom.
  • And much more

As you can see, the list of services that caregivers offer in Norfolk range from the basic, mild assistance given to those clients who are still quite active, to the more personal and serious assistance given to those clients who require more than just a little help.

Non-Medical In-Home Care Is Likelier To Be Accepted By Seniors

The “in-home” aspect of this care is perhaps its strongest selling point. When some families decide or discover that their elder member needs help from a caregiver, they immediately begin looking at nursing homes and assisted living communities. While facilities like these can offer great services, many seniors’ first instinct is to dig in their heels and refuse to leave their home. But non-medical in-home care is far more appealing to many seniors. When seniors know that the don’t have to leave their homes, a big obstacle to them getting the care they really need is removed.

Non-Medical In-Home Care Is Inherently Personal

Non-medical in-home care is inherently personal because, with a care worker working with you in your own home, there’s a higher degree of personalization and customization of the care that you receive. There’s no chance that your elderly loved one will become known as “the guy in room 237” to a rotating staff of care providers. With non-medical in-home care, the caregivers, by dint of just being in the home of your elderly loved one, can begin to get to know them better.

Non-Medical In-Home in Norfolk Care Is More Affordable

With non-medical in-home care, there are no rents or fees to pay to an assisted living community. You need only pay for the care that you receive. Because of this, non-medical in-home care is often significantly cheaper than the other alternatives.

Contact Always Best Care of Norfolk For A Free Consultation

If you would like to learn more about non-medical in-home care, or if you’d like to get some non-medical in-home care for yourself in the Norfolk area, please do not hesitate to contact us today. The first step in our process includes a personal consultation with a Care Coordinator at no charge to you. Always Best Care is proud to provide non-medical in-home care to the communities of Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and the surrounding areas.

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