Quick Facts About Non-Medical Home Care

Quick Facts About Non-Medical Home Care in Richmond

Non-medical home care? What is it? Who is it for? Is it available in the Greater Richmond Area of Virginia? Is it expensive? Why is it called “non-medical”? All these questions and more will be answered . . . right now! Here are some quick facts about non-medical home care.

Non-Medical Home Care

To begin with, yes, non-medical home care is available in the Greater Richmond Area of Virgina. So if you’re a senior living in Richmond, Midlothian, or nearby –or the loved one of such a senior– please continue reading because non-medical home care might just be what you have been looking for.

Non-Medical Home Care in Midlothian, VA

Many seniors have lived in their Greater Richmond Area homes for years and even decades. Of course they are emotionally attached to their homes. As a result of this, many seniors don’t want to leave their homes, especially if they feel that such a move signifies the last phase of their life. This idea can cause some seniors to refuse care altogether. But non-medical home care can help because it is often more appealing to seniors. With non-medical home care, seniors can get the care they need to live safely and healthily without disrupting their lives too much.

The Cost of Non-Medical Home Care

There are a several senior care communities in the Greater Richmond Area, including a few wonderful assisted living communities. And many of the seniors who live in these communities are happy to be there. But even if a senior is open to moving into an assisted living community, there are other benefits to non-medical home care. One such benefit is that it’s cheaper. Non-medical home care is typically the more affordable option when compared to assisted living. With non-medical home care, you need not pay rent or a series of fees to a senior living facility.

Non-Medical Home Care is Provided by Caregivers

Doctors and registered nurses are great and necessary when it comes to healthcare. But doctors and nurses aren’t the whole picture. They can’t possibly provide all the care that seniors need. They’re too busy doing other things and that is why caregivers are needed. Caregivers provide the majority of the healthcare services that many seniors in the Greater Richmond Area receive.

Caregivers are not doctors or registered nurses and that is why we designate this type of care as “non-medical”. But just because they didn’t go to nursing school doesn’t mean that caregivers are unskilled. Always Best Care of Richmond only employs bonded and licensed caregivers who have both been trained and passed a criminal background check.

Non-Medical Home Care isn’t Reserved for Seniors

Most of the recipients of non-medical home care are seniors, but not all of them are. There are many younger people in the Greater Richmond Area and across Virginia who benefit from non-medical home care. These younger people either need ongoing non-medical home care because they live with disabilities that make looking after themselves and their homes difficult or they require temporary care as they recover from injuries.

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