How Senior Home Care Can Help Around the Holidays

How Senior Home Care Can Help Around the Holidays in Richmond

Ahh, the holidays. Relaxing on a comfortable recliner next to a roaring fire, sipping some mulled wine, eating an aged brie, listening the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields playing some of your favorite, soothing, classical holiday pieces. Not a care in the world. If you’re like most people, this describes precisely zero of your holidays over the years. For most people, the holidays are little more than one hectic blur.

You’re running around like crazy, going to the grocery store to get “the right” cranberry sauce, rushing to the airport to pick up Aunt Edith, standing stupefied in the cosmetics store trying to remember if your wife wanted the pink bubblegum lip gloss or the bubbly pink lip gloss, and just generally being frazzled. The holidays are hectic, yes, but they’re usually worth it for the time we get to spend with our families. But if your family includes a senior, or if you yourself are a senior, the frustrations of the holidays are not simply finding the time or running late, they can be much more challenging.

Senior Care in Midlothian, VA

Before we get into how senior home care can improve your festive period, let’s first go over senior care in Virginia more generally. When we first think of senior care, we often imagine seniors who have major health concerns. While such seniors can and do benefit from senior care, there are many other seniors who can benefit from senior care, too. Senior care can help even largely capable and independent seniors manage their lives.

For seniors who struggle only slightly to look after themselves or manage their homes, moving into a senior care community often seems absurd. While there are several good senior care facilities in the Greater Richmond Area, including some great assisted living communities, they are not the right option for every senior in Virginia. That’s why Always Best care offers home care assistance: so seniors in the Greater Richmond Area do not need to move into a facility to get care if they don’t want to move out.

Home Care Assistance in the Midlothian, VA

Home care assistance is provided by insured and skills-tested caregivers. These caregivers can visit you in your Richmond-area home and provide care and assistance. Home care assistance services are always customized to the needs of the client. Personal care, homemaker services, and companion care are all available.

Home Care Assistance and the Holidays

Many seniors in the Greater Richmond Area can take care of themselves just fine, but managing their homes is a hassle. And around the holidays it becomes a hassle-and-a-half. Homemaker services can be a great benefit for the holidays. If your elderly loved one is hosting a Christmas party or family reunion, see if you can arrange senior home care for them as an early present. Caregivers can help clean and tidy up, run errands, and prepare food. This also opens the door to year-round home care assistance and higher levels of senior home care if and when it becomes necessary. 

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