Always Best Care Senior Services are Dedicated to Keeping Richmond Seniors Safe from COVID-19

Always Best Care Senior Services are Dedicated to Keeping Richmond Seniors Safe from COVID-19

The mandate of Always Best Care of Richmond is to keep seniors healthy and safe with our senior services. In the age of COVID, we face our sternest test. And we are ready to meet it.

The Corona Virus Has Put Some People Out Of Work And Altered The Jobs Of Many Others. For Always Best Care Of Richmond, Covid-19 Means It’s More Important Than Ever That We Deliver Our Senior Services.

COVID-19 poses a serious risk to us all, but especially to seniors. Seniors often have less robust immune systems making it likelier for them to have severe symptoms if they contract the virus. This is made doubly bad for many seniors given how quickly COVID-19 can spread in close quarters, such as in senior care communities. If you or an elderly loved one is considering moving into an assisted living community in the Greater Richmond Area, how can you possibly know which communities might be safe? Always Best Care senior services can help with assisted living placements in the Greater Richmond Area. We offer free assessments after which we suggest an assisted living community that not only suits your needs but has also been effective at halting the spread of the coronavirus in its community.

One Of The Best Ways To Avoid Contracting The Corona Virus Is Simply By Staying Home. Always Best Care Services Can Help With This, Too.

Unless both you and your senior parent live in the Greater Richmond Area—and you have a lot of free time and/or you can work from home—you can’t invite your parent to live with you while you take care of them. Maybe you can visit them to bring them groceries or cook for them? Maybe, if you have the time, but then how do you know you won’t give them the virus? Letting your parents do all their own chores and errands might have been dangerous even before the pandemic. So now what?

Always Best Care senior services can step in to provide care while minimizing the risk of transmission. Our caregivers take every possible precaution to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. They work in more controlled environments than senior care communities and they can offer homemaker services, personal care, or companion care to seniors in-their Greater Richmond Area homes. There are no guarantees against COVID-19, but Always Best Care senior services are about as close as you can get.

Always Best Care Senior Services Can Help Keep Virginia Seniors Safe From The Corona Virus.

To learn more about how Always Best Care of Richmond has changed our procedures during the coronavirus pandemic, please get in touch with us.

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