What Are The Risk Factors For Poor Dental Health?

As people age, they are at more risk of suffering from different diseases and health problems as compared to the younger population. Poor dental health is the most common problem among the seniors these days. There are a number of risk factors for a dental problem that you need to be aware of if you have an aging family member at home. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Diabetes – Today, about half of the senior population is suffering from diabetes. And, diabetic seniors are at more risk of suffering from dental problems or poor dental health. Diabetes decreases the circulation to the mouth that increases the risk of different gum disease and infections. So, always keep a check on your loved one’s blood sugar level and ensure that it is under control.
  • Side effects of medicines – Medicines usually have different side effects and sometimes they can extend to the oral health. Some medicines can cause a dry mouth that can lead to different oral health problems. So, make sure to consult the doctor to know the possible side effects of medicines that your senior takes.
  • Decreased physical capability – Seniors suffering from arthritis or other physical problem may find it difficult to carry out the basic tasks such as brushing or flossing with ease. Moreover, many seniors may also forget to brush their teeth, which is the leading cause of dental health problems among the seniors. In this case, you can consider taking help of a professional caregiver to help your senior with the basic daily living tasks.

An in-home caregiver will not only look after your senior’s safety but also help them complete their daily oral care. Always Best Care has bonded, insured, and qualified in-home care providers in Loudoun County.

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