Visiting Aging Loved Ones for Holidays? Things to Do

Holidays are the ideal time to visit loved ones you don’t see often. Many families plan to spend holidays with aging parents and grandparents. This provides a great opportunity for grandkids to meet grandparents, and for children to spend some quality time with aging parents. Therefore, it’s essential to make this experience as memorable as possible for the whole family.

On the other hand, it provides you a crucial opportunity to see how your aging loved one is coping when living alone/independently. So, following are the things you should do when visiting senior(s) for holidays.

Focus on the fun part – You are visiting for holidays, so it’s important to focus on having as much fun as you can. Plan family reunions to make the most of the time and meet family members after a long year. Seeing family around them will also cheer up aging loved one.

Pay attention to senior’s health – You will have the opportunity to closely observe aging loved one’s health and medical conditions, when visiting them during the holidays. You can see for yourself how they are managing day-to-day life while fighting medical conditions.

Look for the signs of struggle in daily living – Many older adults struggle in daily living, which shows in signs like cluttered house, piling up dishes and bills. If you see these signs in senior family member’s home, then make sure to talk to them. If you feel that they can’t live independently anymore, then discuss their future care plans with them. And if required, discuss options like Assisted Living communities.

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