Tips to Better Care For A Senior Going Through Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be tough for anyone but it can be very difficult for the older adults. This is because, as people age they become weak both physically as well as mentally and their bodies lose the ability to heal fast. There are a number of things that you can do to help your aging loved one feel better when going through chemotherapy.

  • You can accompany your aging loved one to chemotherapy or have other family members to keep them optimistic. Moreover, you can cook their favorite meal, send flowers and visit them regularly to make them feel loved and cared about. Accompanying your senior family member during the therapy will ensure that they remain upbeat and the treatment goes well.
  • Before the chemotherapy, encourage your loved one to eat a small meal so that they do not feel sick during the treatment. Drinks such as water, ginger tea or ginger ale can also help in preventing nausea after the treatment.
  • Seniors may feel difficult to digest food after the chemotherapy. So make sure to look after their eating habits and provide them foods that are easier to digest. In addition, try giving them sports drinks, juice or water mixture to help them stay hydrated.

However, if your aging loved one lives alone and you are worried about his/her care, then you can move in with them or consider hiring an experienced in-home care provider. Apart from taking care of your senior family member’s safety, an in-home caregiver will make sure they stay healthy and get proper nutrition while undergoing the treatment.

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