Low Impact Exercises for Your Aging Loved One

Exercising is the road to good health and fitness in retirement years. However, those who are new to exercise may find it difficult to keep up. In addition, some seniors are not supposed to participate in heavy workouts due to health conditions like heart diseases. So what should they do?

Well, opting for low impact exercises is the solution. Here is a list of low impact exercises that seniors can do.

It’s a great way to start exercising, as it doesn’t put much strain on joints. It increases flexibility and strength as well as improves balance. It has low impact on the body, which makes it a good choice for older adults. Furthermore, it improves core muscles, stability and coordination too.

Compared to heavy workouts, swimming has no impact. It’s good for seniors, who suffer from joint pains and don’t want to put pressure on their body. Water supports the body, effectively making it a good exercise to lose weight and improve fitness.

Daily walks are also low impact exercise that can help you improve your health. And, you don’t even need to buy any equipment or to go to gym for it. Just put on your shoes and take a walk in the nearby park. For good results, walk at least two or three miles.

However, health, mobility issues and medical conditions can affect your exercise plans. If you need help, ask your loved ones to accompany you on your daily walks, yoga sessions or drive you to the swimming pool. Caregiver can perform these duties in the absence of loved ones.

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