How Chronic Pain Affects Seniors?

Chronic pain – it’s something that many seniors are familiar with. Aches in legs, back, neck, shoulder and other areas become frequent, as a person ages. Arthritis, and other medical conditions are the reasons why majority of older adults experience chronic pains. Unfortunately, such aches are considered a normal part of aging. But what most people don’t realize is that being constantly in pain can affect older adults adversely. It can lead to severe consequences, some of which are mentioned below.

Depression – Many older adults go into depression due to the chronic pain they suffer from. It increases their stress and emotionally disturbs them. Seniors feel helpless against the aches that always come back. As a result, they start going into depression. Furthermore, many believe that treatment will be costly, so they try to hide the pain. It increases their worries and worsens the problem.

Loss of appetite – Many seniors lose their appetite when being in pain all the time. It can affect their diet and health too.

Sleep – No one can sleep comfortably when in pain. Older adults suffering from aches are likely to experience change in their sleep pattern. They may not get a good night’s sleep, which can affect their overall health.

Social problems – Older adults with chronic pain may withdraw from social life. Due to aches, their mobility gets affected. As a result, they go out less and less, and reduce contact with their loved ones, friends etc.

Seniors suffering from such pains need proper treatment and assistance to continue with daily living. If your aging loved one suffers from a similar problem, then help them get the treatment they need, and hire caregivers to take care of them.

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