Get Glowing Skin This Summer With These Tips

Do you want glowing skin this summer? For seniors, it’s not easy to get healthy looking skin, as they have been exposed to the sun longer than younger people have. But, it’s not impossible either. There’re ways you can gain glowing and healthy skin in summer. Here are a few tips for it.

  • Staying hydrated is essential if you want glowing skin. You must know that older adults’ feel less thirst compared to the younger generation. As a result, they drink less water leading to dehydration. But when you stay hydrated, it nourishes your skin, making it glow.
  • Protecting your skin from the sun exposure is equally important. Seniors’ skin is more prone to damage. You should avoid tanning or sun exposure for long periods.
  • If you are planning to go out in the sun, then make sure to apply good quality sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage. Try to stay in the shade or use umbrella, hats etc.
  • In summer season, seniors should wear comfortable and natural fabrics.
  • Apart from the sun, beware of air conditioning’s effects too. It can make your skin dry causing irritation and itching. Moisturization is the solution for this problem.
  • If you are planning to go swimming in a pool, then keep chlorine and its effects like irritation in mind. If possible, limit your time in a swimming pool.

Follow these tips to ensure that you have healthy, glowing skin this summer season. However, if you need help in daily living (managing meals and drinks), transportation (to go out), and mobility then ask your loved ones for help. Or, hire geriatric care professionals from a renowned Loudoun County firm.

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