Senior Care in Lovettsville

Established in 1836, the town of Lovettsville, Virginia was settled mostly by German immigrants. In fact, many of their descendants are still in the area today. Census estimates put the population of this small town at around 1700. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. People of all ages and backgrounds call Lovettsville home, including the 6.5% of households that have a family member 65 years or older. Seniors here love the small town feel, as well as the history and activities the area has to offer.

As with other seniors across America, those in the Lovettsville area enjoy the freedom and independence that living in their own home provides. Studies show that seniors allowed to remain in their own homes are happier and more productive. They are more satisfied with their lives and are more social. However, seniors who live alone are sometimes at risk for falls and other injuries, as well as loneliness and depression. This can put seniors and their family members in a quandary – how can they ensure both freedom and safety?

The answer is home care in Lovettsville, VA. Home care lets seniors remain in their own homes, while still having their specific needs met. Senior care in Lovettsville, VA is non-medical in nature and helps seniors perform tasks they may have some difficulty with, such as running errands, grocery shopping, medication preparation and reminders, social outings, going to doctor appointments, meal making, and even activities for pleasure. In-home care is the answer in Loudoun County that has allowed many seniors to remain in their homes longer and experience all the benefits of staying home for as long as possible.

At Always Best Care, we want seniors to live longer, healthier and happier lives within the walls that they call home. All of our staff must pass a background check and have a passion for working with the elderly population. They have years of experience and can tailor the care they provide to each individuals’ needs and wants.

If you or a senior family member needs a little extra care to remain in the home longer, call Always Best Care. We can schedule a free care consultation at a suitable time. At this consultation, we will assess your home care needs and let you know how we can help meet these needs while sticking to your budget. Call us today to help you or your family member remain in their home longer.

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