Senior Care in Ashburn

Relatives of older people often seek solutions that allow their loved ones to stay at home and get all the support they need to live meaningful and interesting lives. Senior care services in Ashburn from Always Best Care are not only more affordable than long-term care homes, they also help seniors stay as independent as possible and continue living in their homes. At ABC, we have designed our elder care services to meet Loudoun your care requirements. In Virginia, thousands of people utilize non-medical home care, and are able to manage their lives and enjoy a high quality of life as a result.

Caregivers providing home care services in Ashburn visit senior clients on a regular basis, who often have trouble with the daily rigors of life as they age, such as restricted mobility, vision, and even dementia. Clients who are able to stay home are more likely to remain independent over those who have to leave home and lose control over their daily activities. They often develop new hobbies, join clubs, and with help from the non-medical support staff, they can go around the neighborhood, visit friends, and shop for themselves. This type of independence helps them develop a positive self-image and attitude.

At ABC of Loudoun, caregivers are professionally trained to deal with a number of issues that the elderly would otherwise have handle on their own, like meal preparation, dressing and even bathroom activities. They can also involve seniors in making important decisions or completing small chores. This way, they do not feel unimportant or useless, but a part of life, which is important to good mental health. Our caregivers have several methods of making clients feel good about themselves. In fact, many of our caregivers become more like a part of our client’s family than a nameless helper around the home.

If you believe that you or the senior in your life needs extra help around the house as they age, or needs a compassionate Alzheimer’s aide, it may be time to consider non-medical home care in Ashburn. After calling our office to learn more about Always Best Care, our team will set up an appointment for a free care consultation with you and your family. During this consultation we will discuss you or your senior’s needs and requirements, and craft a care plan tailored to your unique situation.

Choosing a home care agency like Always Best Care of Loudoun, VA will give you and your family peace of mind knowing that your loved one is taken care of by a fully-screened professional. We look forward to hearing from you soon, so that we can get to know you better and begin to provide the care that the senior in your life needs.

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