3 Assisted Living Myths That You Should Know

Assisted Living is a senior housing option that most adult children believe to be the best choice for their aging loved ones. However, older adults recoil at the thought of moving from their home, and to a place like Assisted Living. Why? Because of the myths surrounding Assisted Living that can have any senior, brush away the idea.

Here’s a list of Assisted Living myths that you should know about.

There is no independence – Many believe that they will lose their independence if they move to an Assisted Living community. The fear is rational considering they have to move from their home to an unfamiliar place. But, fret not because it’s not true. Residents have complete privacy and independence in the community. Staff and other residents respect seniors’ privacy. You can even choose independent room or share with a resident. Choose any option that suits your independence and privacy needs.

Everyone living there is too sick or too old – It’s a common belief that every person living in such communities is either too sick or too old. However, it’s far from the truth. It’s a place for older adults, who can’t live independently, but are still healthy, and active.

It’s very lonely – It’s a myth that may scare many seniors, but the important thing is that it’s just a myth. Residents get plenty of chances to mingle with other seniors at Assisted Living. At many communities, you can also keep your pets with you, meaning you’ll never be lonely.

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