Health Benefits of Hiking for Seniors

For the best senior care Herndon VA local residents can turn to Always Best Care (ABC) for various resources and assistance for continuing to live vital, healthy lives. One of the most important ways for seniors to maintain their health is to engage in regular exercise.

Any physical activity can be altered to fit with different seniors’ fitness levels and health conditions. The main advantage of hiking is that seniors who have been sedentary can start out with the shorter, easier local hiking trails before increasing the length of the hikes over time.

When it comes to elderly care Herndon VA locals can turn to ABC for a holistic approach to senior assisted living or in-house care. Getting started with regular hiking is inexpensive and easy, as more cities and towns add easily accessible hiking trails to local parks and surrounding areas. For in-home care Herndon VA seniors who only need some help with daily tasks, group hikes can also be great ways of getting outside and socializing with others.

Seniors who hike at least once or twice a week show improved cognitive function and higher scores on tests of both memory and reaction times. Numerous studies have revealed that people of all ages can preserve their mental capabilities through regular cardiovascular exercise.

Hiking on even a slightly inclined trail can help improve the muscle strength of senior citizens, preserving their mobility and allowing them to maintain more of their independence. For seniors who live in their own homes or one of the local assisted living communities, a number of hiking trails are located fairly close by in the Herndon area.

With services for assisted living Herndon VA residents can take advantage of hiking day trips and similar activities that can help them maintain good levels of physical fitness that can also have positive impacts on mental health. Regular walking and low-impact hiking has numerous benefits for seniors when it comes to both physical health and psychological well-being. Seniors who hike report lower levels of depression or feelings of isolation as well as better learning and memory function. Physicians and exercise experts also report that age isn’t a factor for lessening the advantages of hiking.

For more information about senior care services with Always Best Care, local seniors are encouraged to contact Scott Maguire at (703)-463-9462 or by email at [email protected].

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