What You Need to Know About Glaucoma

It’s important to have your eyes checked on a regular basis, regardless as to how old you are. Seniors, however, should really be on the lookout for signs of eye diseases like glaucoma. This condition can be hard to recognize until it’s in an aggressive state, so it’s essential to get checked as soon as possible. Here are a few things you need to know about glaucoma.

What Exactly is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition that can cause permanent blindness if left untreated. It is often caused by fluid pressure in the eye that presses against the optic nerve.

Who Is at Risk?

Anyone can develop glaucoma, including seniors. Studies show that African Americans are at greater risk, but it affects people of all races.

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

Doctors use a number of tests to look for glaucoma. One includes measuring the pressure in the eye, while other tests the angle of the fluid drainage in the eye. Doctors also test your peripheral vision, as this is often the first sign of glaucoma.

If you have questions about being diagnosed, the Virginia Eye Institute is a great place to get professional help and more information on the subject.

What Are the Symptoms?

Most people hardly experience any symptoms during the early stages of the disease. This is because early on, the peripheral vision is the main part of the eye that is affected. If you’re not driving, or using that part of your vision often, then you would barely notice it.

As the disease progresses, some people experience headaches, pain in the eye, and temporary loss of sight. We encourage our clients receiving home care in Richmond VA to speak with their doctors as soon as they experience any of these symptoms. Even if it’s a false alarm, it’s better to get this checked out in case there could be some other underlying issues going on with your vision.

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