Technological Advances in Digital Sound Processing Hearing Aids

Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology in hearing aids continues to innovate the way people deal with hearing loss.  Over the last twenty years, when it first introduced, it has gone on to vastly improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

DSP technology allows medical professionals to program hearing aids that are customized for the person wearing them.  They can actively set these hearing aids up to target the sounds that the wearer has a problem hearing, while at the same time ensuring that it leaves sounds that they can hear without a problem alone.

As the wearer’s hearing problems change over time, the hearing aid can be reprogrammed to retarget sounds in the same way.

As recently as 1996, people with hearing problems were still being prescribed hearing aids that relied on analog amplification.  This was a ‘cure’ that had been around for hundreds of years since the days of ‘ear trumpets’.  Analog amplification effectively turns up the volume for users, making all sounds louder.

Unfortunately, most people don’t suffer from a flat hearing loss and wouldn’t benefit from having all sounds amplified.  If they only have a problem hearing certain sounds, then turning up the volume on them will in fact make it even harder for them because the sounds they can already hear will be overpowering.

The difference in new technology is so stark that new wearers of DSP hearing aids are often shocked at the sheer barrage of noise that they are confronted with after living in what is sometimes a ‘silent world’ for so long.  We often forget that we live in such a noisy world, and even at the quietest points, there is always something to be heard.  You may find that new wearers find joy in simply hearing the wind rustle through the trees, the distant roar of an airplane overhead, or just from the often inaudible hum of a refrigerator.

It may be a difficult time as well as a joyful one, and this should also be stressed to any Caregiver, if your loved one is receiving elderly care in Richmond.  Imagine having to learn to filter out unwanted noise all over again.  Fortunately, the new DSP technology makes this task easier, minimizing the unwanted noise through digital noise reduction.

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