Success with Seniors on Vacation

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Planning a vacation together is sure to create splendid memories for the entire family!

Even with the best of in-home care Richmond VA seniors still want to be able to leave and satiate their wanderlust. If you are fortunate enough to have aging parents who want to travel, this is the time to pay them back for all those great road trips of your childhood. Whether by car, train, bus, plane or cruise ship, a vacation with your favorite senior can create priceless memories for all of you.

The professional staff at Always Best Care know how appreciative those loved ones are in receiving the elderly care Richmond VA agencies can provide. However, many of these same clients who want to live as independently as possible also want to have the freedom to travel. As a caring adult child, you might be rather nervous of them going on their own and have offered to accompany them. To make sure such a trip is successful, consider the following suggestions:

• Make preliminary decisions well in advance. Come to agreement on a destination, mode of transportation, duration of trip and maximum budget.

• Gather informational brochures, printouts from websites and experiences of friends who have done that kind of trip and have a thorough discussion with your parent or other loved one in order to narrow the options.

• Check out accommodations for special needs such as wheelchair accessibility, elevators or bathroom handrails.

• Review itinerary carefully to make sure it is leisurely timing and there is free time to do what you want or even have a nap.

• Make a list of all medications your parent takes, possibly obtaining extra prescriptions and make sure they have enough on hand to last the entire trip.

• Plan your wardrobe together, bearing in mind the expected weather and the fact that seniors often feel the cold more easily than you. Destination websites can be helpful.

• Even if they reside in assisted living in Richmond VA seniors want time to themselves. If possible, build in vacation activities your parents can do on their own or with a group so they have time away from you.

If your loved one is already a client of Always Best Care, you know how pleased their professionally trained staff would be to assist you in making sure all your parent’s needs have been taken into consideration. If you want more information about this ABC full service senior care Richmond VA residents can access, contact Lynn and Tim Hancock at (804) 368-3200 or [email protected].