Staying Youthful in the Old Dominion, With Yoga

We all know the benefits of routine exercise. It tones and strengthens the muscles, thereby maintaining flexibility and grace of movement. Exercise improves the flow of oxygen to the heart, sustaining cardiovascular health. It boosts metabolism and keeps body weight in check. Also, routine exercise results in an overall feeling of optimism and enthusiasm for life.


Yet, many people cease to exercise as they grow older. Reasons may include the encroaching aches and pains of the aging body, fear of injury in a person with an age-related condition such as osteoporosis, or simply lack of encouragement from relatives who regard exercise as an activity for younger people. The routine practice of yoga can protect the body from many of the effects we call aging. In fact, yoga carries an entire range of health benefits, many particularly suited to older bodies.


assisted living richmondStudies show that yoga postures stimulate glandular activity, flooding the body with the hormones we associate with youth. The word yoga means “unity”, which refers to the feeling of peace and connectedness that regular practitioners experience. The movements are expressive, giving the practitioner a new awareness of his or her own physical integrity and environmental beauty.


In turn, this awareness stimulates mental activity, which is why yoga is often combined with meditation. Unlike certain types of aerobic exercise, you can begin yoga at any age. The poses guarantee improved physical stamina from the start. You can join a group or practice the postures at home, alone or with a companion. However, the hardest part of any exercise program is getting started.


Always Best Care, the In-Home Care Richmond VA Seniors Choose

When choosing senior care Richmond VA residents look for a company whose professionals understand the importance of your complete well-being. The Always Best Care professional knows that no matter how much you are committed to healthy living, those days when you want to pull the bed covers over your head just somehow happen. Our trained caregiver can become your exercise buddy for a day or two, a mark of the quality in home care Richmond VA seniors are aware of. She or he will share your joy as you progress on your journey to fitness and herald your success in mastering new postures. This empathy is the hallmark of elderly care Richmond VA residents have come to expect. To find out how Always Best Care can help you, phone (804) 368-3200 and ask for Lynn or Tim Hancock, today.


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