Stair Tips for Senior Safety

Stairs are one of the most dangerous areas for seniors. As humans age, mobility, flexibility and vision abilities begin to decline. This is why senior care Richmond VA provider, Always Best Care, urges their clients to “senior-proof” their homes.

Keeping Stairs Safe for Seniors

Seniors require adequate lighting. Many elderly individuals have vision problems, especially those who are experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. This is why it would be best to use the maximum available wattage for light fixtures. However, some bulbs might be too bright. So make sure you pick low-glare ones, as the glare can hurt your older family member’s delicate eyes.

Each stair has to be at least 11 inches deep. If you live in an old house, have a builder come and check if the steps are even. A professional will be able to tell you if the stairs are up to building codes.

Added traction reduces the risk of falling accidents. Always Best Care’s in home care Richmond VA specialists urge homeowners to put rubber treads on each step. This will provide better grip and lessen the risk of falling accidents.

There should be handrails or grab bars on each side of the stairs. They must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the senior. Please refrain from installing these on your own. Hire a builder instead, as he or she will be able to position them properly based on the height of your elderly loved one. Please note that handrails should be no thicker than 6.25 inches, to allow seniors to grip them properly.

If you have carpeted stairs, check it for rips and wrinkles, as these are tripping hazards. Carpets with detail and those in darker colors may make it hard for seniors to gauge the nose of each step. Elderly care Richmond VA specialists suggest putting tape on the nose of each step to prevent slipping accidents.

Always Best Care assisted living Richmond VA companions are experts at “senior-proofing” homes to make them safer for elderly residents. This is why they remain the leading provider of licensed caregivers to date. If you are looking for a competent companion for your senior family member, give Lynn and Tim Hancock a call at  (804) 368-3200 for a free consultation today.