Singing: A Meaningful Fun and Healing Activity for Seniors

Singing can be a fun and meaningful activity for persons of all ages, including seniors. Even more important than having fun, though, is the health and wellness benefits that seniors can enjoy as they participate regularly in singing therapy. Singing is one of the many in home care Richmond VA services we offer here at Always Best Care. From the comfort of their own homes, seniors can participate in singing therapy sessions and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Increased self-confidence and well-being
Feeling better about themselves is likely to give seniors the confidence they need to face their lives and manage their daily activities with a more positive attitude. As seniors consistently participate in singing, they increasingly feel emotionally healthier, grow in confidence, and also in independence.

2. A healthier body
There are also physical benefits seniors can expect from singing. These benefits include improved breathing, eyesight, and posture. A straighter back, breathing more deeply, and clearer vision will undoubtedly improve seniors’ quality of life. As physical health and emotional well-being improves, seniors will need fewer trips to the doctor, as they become healthier than ever before.

3. Meet new people
Finding other seniors to fellowship and socialize with is important during aging. Meaningful socialization puts seniors in a good mood as they form relationships by virtue of enjoying a mutual activity. Group singing is an easy way for seniors to check all those boxes. Through group singing, seniors enjoy themselves, form relationships, and improve their health and total well-being.

Here’s What Science Has to Say
According to a study published in the ‘Music Perception’ journal, by researchers at George Washington University (GWU), singing therapy has a myriad of benefits including:

– improving speech as enunciation and voice projection get better

– treating neurological conditions, including improving Alzheimer’s and one’s ability to recall past events and memories

– reducing feelings of anxiety and increasing feelings of emotional wellness thanks to stimulating the feel good centers of the brain

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