Keeping Seniors Safe at Home: 6 Dangers You Need to Look For

Beyond providing comfort and care, senior care providers work very hard to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable living space for the elderly. Even when efforts have been made to make a home senior friendly, hidden dangers can still arise.

Here are 6 less obvious dangers you may have overlooked in your home or the home of a loved one:

  1. Rugs

    Area rugs or throw rugs can trip anyone, but are especially hazardous to seniors. Remove them or secure them to the floor. You can use duct tape or purchase a more visually appealing solution at your local hardware store.

  2. Clutter

    Walkways should be clear of clutter, which can seniors could trip over or slip on. Pulling an item from an over-cluttered shelf can cause objects to fall and cause injury. A cluttered bathroom can lead to poisoning. Who hasn’t tried to brush their teeth with a random tube of some other product at least once in their life? Organizing bathroom products is a good idea at any age, but is especially important for those with poor vision or memory issues.

  3. Poor Lighting

    Seniors may experience vision problems as they age. Make sure living areas, hallways, bathrooms, and any other accessible areas are well lit, to maximize visibility. You can either add more lights or change to a brighter watt bulb in your existing fixtures; see what works best for you.

  4. Burns

    Older people, especially those with diabetes, may be less sensitive to water temperature and can be scalded. Make sure the water heater is turned down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns.

  5. Slip and Fall

    Hard floors will become slippery when wet, make sure to use appropriate non-skid mats in areas that could become wet, like the kitchen and bathroom.

  6. Fire

    Make sure that seniors with shorter attention spans are monitored while cooking to prevent fires. Food left on the stove too long or flammable objects, such as paper towels or potholders, placed too close to the stove can cause fires quickly. Consider a monitored smoke alarm for a faster response time from your local fire department.

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