How Music can Improve Elderly Care

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Music enriches a person’s life and has several benefits for one’s overall well-being

For optimum senior care Richmond VA and Always Best Care provide incomparable service to help each client attain the best possible lifestyle. Of course, that means we help with daily activities, medication dispensation, transportation, and more. We also recognize how some facets of living, that may be considered extraneous by some, are vital and have a significant impact. Take music, for example. Music is a part of everyone’s living history. It has accompanied each one of us through good times and bad, and has had the power to influence the mood of any situation. It has been proven to benefit the elderly in countless ways. Some of these ways include:

Increased Sociability

Besides providing fodder for conversation about likes and dislikes, music gives people the opportunity to reminisce and share anecdotes about the common aspects of their past. It provides an opportunity for group events that may be appreciation based or even involve making music of their own. Through elderly care Richmond VA services, clients can find and get to a musical event that suits their tastes.

An Even Tempered Mood

Life without agitation and stress is a lofty goal. Music, however, can ease the angst of difficult times with its amazing ability to soothe and comfort. It can also elevate and rejuvenate the mood of an individual struggling with depression and a lack of get-up-and-go.

Increased Cognitive Ability

Multiple studies have revealed that exposure to music boosts cognitive ability. This is particularly valuable for patients struggling with dementia. Being exposed to music, especially music that has personal significance, has resulted in a quicker processing time for the brain. Actual participation in making music on a regular basis has resulted in a slowing of the progression of dementia. A caregiver for in home care Richmond VA can easily incorporate music into a senior’s daily routine.

Increased Communicative Ability

In keeping with the increased cognitive ability, music has also been shown to enhance communication. Studies have provided empirical evidence that individuals who were considered uncommunicative begin to converse logically after exposure to familiar songs.

A Physical Renewal

Music provides personal connections to people and merely listening to it increases respiration and heart rate. A personalized selection of music can be a motivating and energizing force for a customized exercise routine. The vigor of the exercise can be adjusted to fit the patient through tempo, rhythm, and the duration of the tune.

Professional and compassionate assisted living Richmond VA services offer a personalized approach to senior care. To learn more about the benefits offered at Always Best Care, contact Lynn Hancock at [email protected] or give us a call today at (804) 368-3200.