Helping your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning in Richmond

Springtime is often considered the true beginning of a new year.  Nature awakens from its winter slumber, and the world comes back to life in a spectacular way that makes everything seem fresh and new.

It’s probably for this reason that so many of us associate the spring as a time for renewal, a time to start fresh, and a time to say, “Out with the old and in with the new.”  In other words, it’s the time of year that most of us decide to give our homes a good old spring cleaning.

Cleaning and decluttering the homes of seniors can be a tough but rewarding exercise.  Their homes are often full of things that we may not hesitate to throw out, but that they may see sentimental value in.

It is always important to keep your elderly loved one involved when helping him or her with spring cleaning.  Explain to them the reasons why the task is necessary and that the objective is to ensure a clean and safe environment for him or her to live in.

If your loved one is receiving senior care in Richmond, then these are tasks that their Caregiver can help with on a regular basis.  Before organizing a cleaning, consider the following points:

Have a Plan

What’s the objective? How are you going to achieve it?  How are you going to break this down into small, manageable tasks?

Make sure you know what rooms you are targeting and who is responsible for what, if others will be helping you.  Have an idea as to what items you are looking to get rid of and which ones are important to keep.

Look Out for Hazards

This is especially important if your elderly loved one is helping clean.  Moving items and furniture around may uncover hidden risks or dangers.  Ensure all of these are dealt with before beginning.

Pass Things On

Unused but loved items do not necessarily need to be thrown in the trash.  Pass them on to relatives who can look after them.  Knowing they aren’t lost forever may make it easier to persuade your loved one to part with certain things.

Get New Things

Replace old and broken furniture with new pieces.  Newer furniture is safer and cleaner to use.  The same can be said for old appliances that could be considered a hazard.

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