Getting Adequate Sleep as a Senior

The city of Richmond, VA has many great things to offer its senior population like St. John’s Church, Monroe Park, and the Altria Theatre. Seniors also enjoy this area for its warmer climate. However, seniors who are lacking quality sleep are not able to enjoy much at all. Sleep is vital to our physical and emotional well-being, no matter how old we are.

Symptoms of sleep deprivation or problems in seniors include:

• Increased falling and lack of balance
• Increase in illness frequency or severity
• Poor emotional well-being
• Confusion
• Irritability

If your senior friend or family member has any of these symptoms, it is time to take action and recommend these tips:

Improve the Sleeping Environment

For some seniors, something just isn’t right with their sleep environment and that is likely what is causing them to lose their valuable sleep. Clutter can hinder sleep as well as lights that are too bright. A room that is too hot or too cold can negatively impact sleep, too. While nightlights can be a good idea for senior comfort and safety, they shouldn’t be too bright. Clutter should be reduced or avoided altogether. Seniors should have options for making their room warmer or cooler if they desire.

Wave Goodbye to the Afternoon Nap

We all love taking afternoon naps and believe they help us catch up on lost nighttime sleep. On the contrary, they could be putting us farther behind. If your senior takes and afternoon nap, you should encourage them to forego it completely or at least cut the duration down. Too much sleep in the afternoon can cause difficulties falling and staying asleep at night. If a nap is needed, try scheduling it earlier in the day.

The Best Senior Care Richmond VA has to Offer

The in home care Richmond VA seniors prefer is from Always Best Care. For the best elderly care Richmond VA has to offer, call our team at Always Best Care. Our professionals can help your senior get more sleep, enjoy hobbies, take in the sights and sounds of Richmond, as well as bathing, cooking, and cleaning. We aim to meet all of your senior’s needs to ensure they can remain safe and happy at home for as long as possible.

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