Fun Activities for Seniors and Kids in Richmond

Many senior care facilities agree that seniors who spend time with children are happier than their counterparts who don’t. Kids have a positive aura around them that is quite infectious. This is why senior care Richmond VA authority, Always Best Care, urges their clients to spend a few hours a week with their grandchildren and younger relatives when possible. Here are a few exciting activities for seniors and kids.

Visit The Children’s Museum of Richmond

This is not a boring educational tour where kids are asked to stay still. Little tykes and their adult companions will enjoy this fun approach to learning.

Make Matching Shirts

Tie-dye, fabric pens, stick-on gems and plain shirts are all they will need for an afternoon of fun. Grandparents and their young companions will enjoy designing these colorful keepsakes. Remember, the best memories are sometimes those that are tangible.


Seniors with green thumbs should consider passing their skill to their impressionable grandchildren. A mini garden is an ideal way to spend quality time because children need an outlet to unleash their pent up energy. An in home care Richmond VA companion can help out by doing tasks that are too hard for seniors who have mobility problems.

Airplane Exhibit

Nurturing ambition is the best legacy one can pass on. Seniors who have grandchildren who are aspiring pilots should consider a taking them to see the planes and various memorabilia on display at the Virginia Aviation Museum.

Share Your Roots

We all want to know where we come from. This is why an afternoon discussing genealogy is a not just entertaining, but educational too. All they will need is a marker, a large illustration board and some decorative elements.

Trade A Skill

Seniors are usually not that well-versed in social media and may even have trouble using a smartphone. Children on the other hand, might want to learn a hobby that their grandparent is good at. Knitting, painting and music lessons are a great way to unleash their creativity. In return, they can teach their senior relative how to use social media sites or make a video call.

Pass Down Memories

Seniors love to reminisce and grandchildren enjoy asking questions. Your senior will love to have a chance to talk about the places he or she has been to and life-changing experiences.

Enjoy Old World Architecture

The Maymont and Agecroft Hall are both astounding places that will delight children and seniors alike. Little ones who are obsessed with fairytales and castles will enjoy a trip to these places. Seniors with mobility problems should have a licensed elderly care Richmond VA caregiver in tow if they want to enjoy long walks in the gardens at either location.

While kids make great companions, they cannot visit their grandparent every day. This is why it most families hire an assisted living Richmond VA companion for older relatives. Always Best Care is a Richmond favorite because they promise superior service and actually deliver. You can schedule a free care consultation by calling Lynn and Tim at (804) 368-3200.

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