Finding the Right Care for a Person with Alzheimer’s

When seniors with Alzheimer’s disease live alone or with their families, an in home caregiver can be invaluable, especially when family members must work or be away from the home for other reasons. At Always Best Care, we have observed that when we provide in-home care Richmond VA residents with Alzheimer’s are able to spend more quality time with their families. That is why when they are seeking senior care Richmond VA families contact us first.

A Skilled Caregiver Makes the Difference at Home

In the quest to find high-quality elderly care Richmond VA families may wonder how to find services for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease. At Always Best Care, we take pride in matching your loved one with a caregiver with the skills necessary to ensure a compassionate and nurturing environment. Our caregivers treat each client as an individual. First, we assess a client’s needs–then we develop a care plan that includes engaging activities that will keep the individual active at home and in the community. From listening to music to going for a walk around the block, our caregivers are ready and willing to go the extra mile to help clients with Alzheimer’s engage in activities they find enjoyable.

Assisted Living Richmond VA

Assisted living refers to residential facilities that are designed for persons who are function independently, but require some care and supervision. When seeking assisted living Richmond VA families can request help from Always Best Care for a variety of senior services. Sometimes a family may decide that assisted living is the best option for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. If this is the case, we can help a loved one make the transition to an assisted living program. Many families have found our assisted living referral service helpful. There is no charge for the referral service, which includes tours of facilities.

Contact Always Best Care Today

If you anticipate needing help to care for your parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s, Always Best Care Senior Care of Richmond is ready to provide the in home care that will meet your needs. Call Lynn and Tim Hancock at (804) 368-3200 or email [email protected]. Remember–whether you need a caregiver who can provide Alzheimer’s care or help with selecting an assisted living facility, we will meet with you and help make an informed decision. Call us today!